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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by coopertrooper, Sep 23, 2013.

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    I got a savage axis 30-06, I have been shooting Hornady American whitetail 150 grain and shooting 3/4", I picked up a box of Hornady Superformance 150 grain, the rifling in the rifle is 1:10", my question is will 165 grain superformance shoot a tighter group then the 150 grain.
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    the only way you will know is to shoot it and find out. even if i have the same exact rifle as you do, and my rifle shoots tight groups with a particular ammo, does not mean yours will. every rifle is different and unique, even among the same brand and model.

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    While the Hornady Super Performance will give higher velocity for a given weight, more accuracy may be another matter. Your rifle may shoot better with them. Mine didn't. When I got my Gunsite Scout .308, I bought 2 boxes of factory loads to try until I got my reloading components together. The W-W 150 gr. Power Points grouped 1 1/4" at 100, the 165 gr. Super Performance grouped 1 3/4". A few weeks later, I reloaded the same 165 gr. Hornady SST bullets that the Super Performance factory load came with in the once fired W-W brass with W-W primers and H-4895 powder. The load I settled on grouped 3/4". If you want maximum accuracy, you might find a factory load that your rifle really likes, but it's much easier to "tune your load" to the rifle by hand loading.