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    I work in and around schools but am not employed by the school board and I am not a student. I have a firearm but do not bring it with me to the schools. I wanted to know what is the law if i decided to have my firearm in my car on school property? I know they post that anyone found with a firearm on person or property will serve twenty years. All I know is that my car is my home in LA and that I work in some very bad areas going to and from work. Do they have the wright to search my car if it is on the property of the school even if I am not a student or work for the school but doing contract work with a third party company?
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    Asking for free legal advice on the internet is not the best way to get the answer.

    Your state has statutes on firearms.
    Your owning a firearm makes it important that you know the laws of your state.
    Ignorance is not a legitimate excuse.

    This is a link that can help you: http://crime.about.com/od/gunlawsbystate/a/gunlaws_la.htm

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    What danf said. Best to go right to the horse's mouth, your state laws. Up here, unless you're a LEO, carrying in school buildings or on school grounds is a big No-Can-Do, whether school's in session or not.
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    Thank you danf_fl that was a big help.
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    "It is also unlawful to possess a firearm on one’s person: on school property, at a school sponsored function, in a firearm-free zone, on a school campus, or on school transportation, or within 1000 feet of a school campus.

    These prohibitions do not apply to: the possession of a firearm occurring within 1,000 feet of school property and entirely on private property, entirely within a private residence, or in accordance with a concealed handgun permit; or any constitutionally protected activity which cannot be regulated by the state, such as a firearm contained entirely within a motor vehicle."
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    Dig into our state laws too. I know in Mississippi, you can keep it in your vehicle if you're dropping off or picking up a minor child, so long as neither it, nor the owner leave the vehicle.

    I've been told there are some similar protections here in Louisiana, but my son's principle and the two cops who direct traffic at his school all know I keep mine with me and I've had no problems, so I haven't bothered digging.

    With you being a contractor (I guess?), it's a different situation, but it bears more research.
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    trip286 in the law website that danf sent me it does say in Louisiana you can have a firearm in your automobile because it is a part of your home. You just can't carry it on your person on school grounds or events other then a LEO or police officer. This is good to know because on my way to the locations I get some shady customers walking close to my car and the area has been know for people jacking cars before.
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    In MI, we can open carry with a conceal license at schools. State rules trump