Having a full sized gun was comforting.

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    I took my wife, my son and his girlfriend bowling last night. I locked my gun in the car because I didn't want to be bowling with a gun on my hip. Lets face it, people do fall down at the bowling alley all the time.

    Anyway there was this group of people in the lane next to us. The men were all tatooed up. My brother is a tatoo artist. So don't go there. Both of my daughters have tatoos. These guys were the type that look like trouble makers. Not people with art on their bodies. They were all intoxicated. Their heads were all shaved. I would call them white trash. But they were Hispanic. I guess trash comes in all colors. And they had women and teenagers and kids with them. I bet there were 15 people in their group. They were being total *******s. They were walking onto our lane while we were trying to bowl. They were giving beer to the teenagers too. This went on for about an hour. I finally went to the desk and complained. They watched them for about 5 minutes and shut them down. But then they gathered around a table directly behind our lane. There were plenty of other empty tables including the one behind the lane they had just been kicked out of. They stayed there for around an hour until we finished bowling. It was like they were trying to intimidate us. My wife was very nervous. She asked me to go out to the truck and get my gun and then come back for her and the teenagers. I could see where they all were so I headed to the truck. I grabbed my gun and put my holster on. I put my extra mag in my back pocket. About that time their group came out to the parking lot. I was so glad to have a 1911 with 17 rounds of 45 acp at my disposal. i went back in and found my family. My wife said it was as if it took them a minute to realize I was gone. It is because I was the first bowler. I imediately changed shoes and went to the car while the rest of the family was bowling. It was not until the rest of the group started changing their shoes that they noticed I was gone. I slipped back in through a different door. By the time we all got back out to the truck they were gone. Maybe it was just coincidence. Maybe not. But I was glad to have my gun with me. And I was glad it wasn't my 5 shot snubby.
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    That is why I decided on the double stack 9mm. IF I need it at the time I want as much as I can carry and to do whatever is necessary.

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    That is good how it turned out! Thanks for sharing it! Yes, it is absolutely great to know a pistol or revolver is with you when you need it. It is as you know much better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it! "I think it is called "TOO LATE"!
    When I was around 21 an home on military leave, I had taken my young 10 year old brother in law with me to a large lake North of Indianapolis, IN. (Geist Reservoir) to go early morning bass fishing at a place called Devils Elbow to the locals. It was about 6 am in the morning as I pulled over to the side of the road in a very desolate wooded area to go back a trail that was about 1/4 mile long to one of my favorite bank fishing spots. As I shut the car off and put my keys in my pocket and got ready to get out of the car. We had 6 young punks walk out of the woods around 25 yards in front of my car. I suddenly noticed another vehicle some 50 yards in front of me parked as if that person who owned it was also fishing. And then reality set in, as I noticed the car had been beaten and damaged severely all over, and the windows broken out of it. As they approached my car. I locked the doors immediately since they approached very quickly running up to the front of my car and to the sides. The seemed leader or spokesman for the group commented what's up! Roll your window down I want to talk to you. I rolled my window down about an inch. He again advised roll it all the way down! I advised I can hear you as it is. He then began to threaten me and advising , "You know, we can drag you out of that Fn car an kick your Arsss! And you see what we did to that other vehicle! One of the punks had a ball bat and another had what looked like a small piece of pipe.
    Realizing things were rapidly turning to "S", as they were all around the car at that time. And thinking about the safety of my little brother in law first and certainly my responsibility concerning him as well as me. I remember it as clear today as then! I pulled my Smith and Wesson Model 27, 357 Magnum out, held it across the top of the steering wheel. And advise the punk. "Yes no doubt you could possible kick my Arsss!" "But it will cost you your life to get the opportunity to try!" "Amazingly" He backed away from my car about 10 feet. and stated "man we were just kidding and we are leaving" I advised "you may have been kidding but I am not"! The rest of the story I waited some time to assure they were leaving as I heard a car around the bend in the road speed off. Never saw their car. As I set there I thought "Wow" if they did that to that car could they have possibly beaten or killed the fisherman that the car belongs to? Continuing to wait a while to assure they did not return. I then walked back the path to the lake to check things out. It was not far when I heard a voice call out to me "Sir it is not safe here! and mentioned the punks. I advised him they were gone and I was armed. A Black gentleman stepped out of the woods and into sight at that time. He had planned on going fishing as we did but ran into the woods as the punks came toward him evidently he seeing the bat or whatever. He advised he never ran so fast in his life and went into the woods and hid from them. He advised he could hear them damaging what he thought was his car. I am sure they might have beaten him severely or killed him if he had not ran away from them and hid. He advised he had been there about an hour hiding before he saw me and my little brother in law. I then took him to the Marina where there was a phone and we called the Marion County Sheriff's Department who came for the report. took pictures of his car and got descriptions of the punks including Mr. Bad Arrss who did all the talking. Never knew if they ever found them. It would have been great to have been able to see their car leave and possibly get a license plate number. So with that experience even today and after the military, almost 30 years in law enforcement and over 16 years on SWAT. I realize that preparedness is the name of the game! If not it may be TOO LATE! I take nothing for granted today and carry almost everywhere I go at all times. Not all for only myself, but incase some screwball starts shooting up innocent people. There are wolves and sheep amongst us and I want to be thought of as the sheepdog if ever needed. Obviously I do not carrying on Aircraft, Federal Building and other highly restricted areas. But other than that and not at all paranoid. You can bet I have a weapon on me or within reach! Thanks for your incident report Rick! It could of well turned bad "very quickly". So may our incidents possibly help protect others in the future. Who have not given it serious thought. It is a real world out there and it can happen to YOU! My incident was over 40 years ago now and as we know or should know, it is more prevalent now!:( Today I carry semi autos and have a magazine close at hand!

    Happy New Year!

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    Thanks for sharing that story Sniper. I am almost always armed. But I can not carry at work. So I leave it locked up in my vehicle. A subcompact in a pocket holster is usually all I have. But a subcompact in my pocket beats an AR15 in the safe anyday.
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    And to think there are still some out there that feel that an Open Carried firearm has no deters no one with evil intent. :rolleyes: glad to hear it worked out well Rick. Same to you Sniper. Had something somewhat similar about a decade ago when i worked at a gas station on the night shift.

    I had stopped in to pick up my pay check, when I saw one of the pumpers completely swamped, with a few customers waiting at the station door. I walked over to him, and asked if i could help him out, as he was on alone that night. At that time, he handed me the keys to the station door (It was a 6 pump station, no card readers at the pumps, and a small 2 room station counting the back office\store room.), and told me that the guy at the West end of the lot, by the pay phone had been there for over 2 hours watching him and the customers. I said, "I'll watch for him. You need me to do a drop for you while I'm in there as well?" I got a yes, and he handed off the bills, and I went into the station to take care of the customers that were waiting. As I finished up with them, and started to count out his cash, the Hispanic Male in his late 20s stopped outside the door, looked in and back at him a couple times, then entered.

    Now, what I didn't tell N out at the pumps was that I had my AMT Hardballer on my right hip under my jacket, which i had removed and hung up upon entering the station, before taking care of the customers. One or two saw it, and commented, none in a negative way, and one was an off duty LEO friend of mine who knew that OC was ok on private property, such as a place of employment, with a Pistol Permit, which I had at the time. Gotta love NY. :crazy: As said Hispanic male entered the shop, he reached into his right front pocket, wrapped his hand around something, and pulled a knife about halfway out of his pocket. At that moment, I swept the cash envelopes off the counter, to the floor on my side, stood up, and placed my hand on the butt of that .45, looked him in the eye, and asked"

    "Can I help you?" with a big smile on my face. He never saw that smile, as his eyes went right to my right hand as i popped the snap on the holster. I heard a small squeek that sounded like "No." come out of his mouth, and he d@mn near ran N over going right back out the door, and down the street. :D N walked in, looked at me, realized where my hand was, and started LHAO. I picked up the cash, put the envelopes back on the counter, told him to double check my count, and went in the office to get my check and a cup of coffee. Finished up the coffee, ant went to the bank's drive in window to make the deposit before closing time, came back, and had another cup while sticking around to make sure he didn't come back. our boss came in to get the drops later that night, and asked me how my day off had been, and if I had filled either of my tags yet. Told him I had a doe hanging at home, and N and i filled him in on what had happened earlier in the night. He looked over at me, glanced down, and saw the pistol there. He then looked at the floor, and said:

    "I don't see any blood or a chalk outline, so i guess he got the point while it was still in the holster. You guys are alright, so it's all good. I take it you and your dad finished the build on that AMT you were talking about the other night?"

    I told him yes, and he asked to see it, so i cleared it, and showed it to him. He told me it came out looking good, asked how it shot, and called it a night. That's one of the few things i miss about working there. It was run by a retired LEO, who was on the County Sheriff's Department's Pistol Team. most of his hires over the age of 21 had carry permits, and he encouraged those of us that did to carry at work. He's been in the ground for 5 years now. I was a pall bearer at his funeral, and I still miss him.
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    The GF was always very snarky about me carrying, until

    we got out to a park with some hooligan types one time.

    Then, it was all "You've got your gun on you, don't you?"...