Hatchet job on an AR

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by bobbyb13, Feb 5, 2009.

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    No. 1 Son has arrived for 5 days, (with the Grankids, YES) He brought me a AR that he bought for a song from a Sailor going to sea. He told me before I got to excited to look at the chamber. and feed ramps. Looks like someone tried to make A4 feed ramps with a hatchet. I have spent about 3 hours with a needle file and stone to get them half way cleaned up. I Flushed the chamber and everything out with brake cleaner. Found a lot of trash in it. It came with 2 Sig-Sauer 30 round mags, (tupperware) and would not feed from either. Works good with the three green follower clips I have. Why, some people think they are gunsmiths is a mystery to me. The only reason I fooled with it was I figured I could do no more damage. Excuse me, I got some serious spoiling to attend to.
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    If you cant fix the sailor job just buy a new barrel and run the gun. If he did not play with anything else

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    Sounds like a fun little project. Enjoy the grandkids!!
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    Time to break out the DREMEL tool :p

    Worst case scenario, if you still can't clean it up, would be a new barrel, possibly new upper receiver if he cut into that, too.