Has anyone tried these?

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    Hornady 7.62x39 123gr SST Steel /50 - 8078


    Hornady Manufacturing Company :: Ammunition :: Rifle :: Choose by Caliber :: 7.62X39 :: 7.62X39 123 gr SST® Steel Case

    I have a PTR 32KFR, in 7.62X39, which does have a heavy, match barrel. I used to work from the ignorance that steel cases were bad for my former AKs and SKSs. Well, in those days, lacquer coated the cases, and man, they could really gunk-up a rifle.

    Today's Russian made ammo features soft steel cartridges coated with a polymer, that does not gunk-up your piece. Good thing, that...

    I used to think Lapua's 7.62X39 was the best, most accurate ammo. Well, it probably still is, if you can find it, at more than $2.00 per round... Wanting something for hunting, and if necessary, social difficulties, I found Hornady's SST topped offering, and it may well meet all of my needs in a mid-range ammo...

    This is for my truck/car weapon. For long range, we'll discuss that at another time...

    For now, because of my condition, the PTR 32KFR, with 4X32 Army ACOG, Grip Pod, and M3X w/remote, meets my current needs. AND with twenty of my 60 Bulgarian magazines loaded with the Hornady fodder...

    I'm interested to know what you think of this ammo- it is now back in limited production, if you're interested...

    Glockcurmudgeon, out...
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    Why pay Hornady a premium price when you can buy the same stuff from J&G or Ammoman or others for half of what Hornady charges? The Ruskie ammo works just fine. We run a lot of it through, I buy it in case lots.

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