Harvard study on guns and crime

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    Excellent study! Thank You for the information.
    In America the movement and smoke screen to disseminate untrue information to justify a cause, restrict certain weapons, ban guns and a move on ownership encompassed with wanting to tax ammunition and weapons boils down to the same focus as the picture attached to this post. Then there was Stalin, Mao Sa Tung, Mussolini and many others. It is simply a Smokescreen in and all out attempt to make Citizens of the United States Subjects not Citizens. The bottom line it is all about Control over society. The individual below and those mentioned followed the same pattern and the people were gullible enough to believe it until it was too late! All in the name of a safer society! And before they knew it their Freedom had been totally eroded. However unfortunately for them who lend to this idea here in the USA some of us have studied History and know what the ultimate goal is. It is far more than Gun Control! It is control over people! Do not take the recent small issue with the clown at the rodeo lightly! It is a direct reflection of what is going and their ultimate goal. Well most of us are aware! This is not a conspiracy it is obvious fact!;) REMEMBER THIS GUY?


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    Because the findings so clearly demonstrate that more gun laws may in fact increase death rates, the study says that "the mantra that more guns mean more deaths and that fewer guns, therefore, mean fewer deaths" is wrong.

    For example, when the study shows numbers for Eastern European gun ownership and corresponding murder rates, it is readily apparent that less guns to do not mean less death. In Russia, where the rate of gun ownership is 4,000 per 100,000 inhabitants, the murder rate was 20.52 per 100,000 in 2002. That same year in Finland, where the rater of gun ownership is exceedingly higher--39,000 per 100,000--the murder rate was almost nill, at 1.98 per 100,000.

    Looking at Western Europe, the study shows that Norway "has far and away Western Europe's highest household gun ownership rate (32%), but also its lowest murder rate."

    And when the study focuses on intentional deaths by looking at the U.S. vs Continental Europe, the findings are no less revealing. The U.S., which is so often labeled as the most violent nation in the world by gun control proponents, comes in 7th--behind Russia, Estonia, Lativa, Lithuania, Belarus, and the Ukraine--in murders. America also only ranks 22nd in suicides.

    The murder rate in Russia, where handguns are banned, is 30.6; the rate in the U.S. is 7.8.

    The authors of the study conclude that the burden of proof rests on those who claim more guns equal more death and violent crime; such proponents should "at the very least [be able] to show a large number of nations with more guns have more death and that nations that impose stringent gun controls have achieved substantial reductions in criminal violence (or suicide)." But after intense study the authors conclude "those correlations are not observed when a large number of nations are compared around the world."

    In fact, the numbers presented in the Harvard study support the contention that among the nations studied, those with more gun control tend toward higher death rates.


    ps: Dr. Gary Mauser has done a lot of good work up here in trying to inject reason and fact into the never-ending gun control debate that lieberals are so fond of. He's also a darned nice human being.
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    Dodged a bullet there; I am uncultured.