Harris / caldwell bipod comparison

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    Just got a caldwell pivoting bipod 9-13 inch adjustment (for me the perfect height for hunting prone position). it has the leg notches.

    when side by side to my harris pivoting, you can tell the difference imediately.

    first, the metal seems to be less finished off than the harris (sharper edges, forming marks, etc.). second, the finish seems of less quality (doesn't matter to me as i will be camoing it anyhow). third, the leg notch style seem to have some "slop" or play in them. the harris i was comparing it to has the round knob that you turn for height adjusment, and is rock solid.

    if anyone has a harris with the leg notches, is this a similar problem with the notches having slop/play?

    i tend to like the round knob style better for bench shooting as you can make "micro" adjustments with it. as this leg notch model will be used for hunting, the 1" increments may be ok.

    i was a little surprised on how the legs extend, as they are locked into place, (you have to press what was once the closing button and the spring loaded leg pops out). which is completely opposite of the non notched legs where you pull them out by hand and kind of settle into the height you want. it may just be something i have to get used to, however my concern is that the internal leg springs may lose their potency as they will be compressed most of the time. may have to leave the bipod fully extended while in the safe to counteract that.

    forth, the external springs for folding the bipod seemed to be of less quality / strength.

    i had gotten a harris knockoff a few year's back made by shooters ridge, which didn't seem to have any of these problems.

    the good thing is that the caldwell bipod is about $30 - $40 less than the harris, so that helps with the shortcomings (in my opinion) that it has.

    so any of you guys have the harris with leg notches, let me know if your experienceing the same kind of slop, and if the harris legs deploy the same way (pops out when button is pressed).
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    I have the Harris S-BR, S-L, and somewhere around here the S-LM bipod. As far as any "slop" in the S-LM (notched) there is none in the one I have. The S-LM bipod I bought sometime in the early to mid 1990's. The external springs for folding the bipod has never given my any problem on this model either. Nor has the springs on the S-BR or S-L given me any problems. I've had the harris bipods for many years now and the only problem I've had is the littel rubber feet on them tend to get frayed after time. I believe you can buy replacement ones from Harris. (not sure though) IMO swivel models are the only way to go and I feel Harris makes a good product.

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    I have a 9-13" Caldwell and a 13-27" Harris. I will never ever buy another type of bipod agian. Harris is the only bipod that will go on my rifles. It is of higher quality in fit and finish and function that my caldwell could ever think of being. My harris is much stronger and attaches quicker than the caldwell. I thik the harris is just an over all much better product. My caldwell works but it has folded up, collapsed on me and cost me a few shots.

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    thanks, that's what i thought. i should know by now that a copy is always a "duplicate". i also have the harris pivoting 13-27". i intend on carrying both the caldwell 9-13" on the rifle and the harris 13-27" i have in the pack to change for higher grass or deeper snow so i'll have the extra height once it sinks in.

    i just wanted the lower height as sometimes the higher one gets uncomfortable and awkward when prone and waiting on a target that is partially covered to present itself.

    went out woodchuck hunting this weekend with the caldwell, it's obviously not a harris. don't really like the leg notches, or the way the legs deploy or retract, but i can live with it for now.

    thanks for confirming my suspicions.