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It's SilverState from GlockTalk. The thread over there where you offer to trade polishing for whatever, disappeared.

Anyway, you still have my two 1911 slides and my two 1911 barrels. I tried e-mailing you, PMing you, telephone calling you, and I still can't get a tracking number from you.

I am okay with you just refunding my money and sending my parts back, like you did with the AK guys.

Also, can you send me a shop address? I have your PO Box.

BTW, I sent you my slides and barrels on July 7, 2008 and I received a GlockTalk PM from you the same day where you said "turnaround time is pretty quick right now".

On August 9, 2008, you responded to a PM on GlockTalk where you said:

"First I have all your parts done and ready to ship. I got major delay when I released a new part in production and things took off like crazy. Hard being a one man army, and things are going so good that I might be adding to my one man crew soon with some part time help."

Like I said in the GlockTalk thread before it was deleted, I am just wondering why it takes over a month to ship parts that are already done?
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