Hard Case for Scoped Rifles

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    I am looking for a hard case that will hold (2) scoped rifles with at least 4-12x scopes. The Plano Pro-Max model below felt pretty solid and has (6) latches and weatherproof seals. Is anyone familiar with this case or have case recommendation?


    Pro-Max double scoped rifle case patented pillarlock system protects firearms. Holds two scoped rifles with large objective lenses. Poly tie-down straps holds firearms firmly in place. Six heavy duty latches. Lockable/airline approved.

    Dimensions :53.875" x 19" x 5.625"
    Weight: 18.60 lb

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    The biggest thing I have found with airline hard cases is that the pressure needs a way to be released when you get them back. Aside from the monkey's throwing them this way and that in "handling" - just about any hardside case will do.

    I have an aluminum one that was "rated for travel" that I had to purchase to send some weapons home that I inherited. It looks like I dragged it behind the truck for the 3,000 mile trip home. It's in such bad shape it can't be used again, so definitely go with plastic and something that locks.

    I only buy Pelican cases, because of their guarantee, the lock and they have an air pressure release valve.

    Try to open an air tight case that has been depressurized without a release valve. It's like trying to pry Jack off fresh tail after a LRRP in the jungle. :cool:
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    The Pro-Max case would indeed be very good rifle storage and protection cases for all ground travel and transport...and at half the price!

    But, I too prefer the Pelican cases and their reputation for air travel, and mainly for the same exact reasons JD stated. YMMV

    ...And that's the truth! :D
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    Thanks guys. I'm familiar with Pelican cases for photography gear, and I know they make good solid products. I'll check out the links and see what I can afford. Spent good money on the rifles, might as well protect them.
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    As mentioned,

    Pelican is very nice, easy to use latches.

    Starlight makes a nice case as well.

    Storm rifle cases look pretty good.