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Hey all- was chilly in Phoenix today. When I left work tonight at 6:30, it was only 62 degrees (Fahrenheit). Dang--almost needed an undershirt.

Alright, more of that. Actually, I grew up in northwest Indiana (not my fault), and I remember snow drifts up to the top of the garage door (which I then had to shovel into oblivion). I actually prefer experiencing all seasons, even if it does involve a snow shovel.

Anyway, I'm here. Have bought 3 guns in the past 4 days (my FFL is lovin' me these days)--a Python, a Ruger Single Six and a Thompson Contender (in 30-30, .44 mag and 45-70). I already had a nice Ruger .22 LR target model and 2 .45 ACPs--Dan Wesson and Safari Arms (which is now for sale...). I don't know about you, but after my recent acquisitions, I am coming to think that there ought to be a blood-alcohol or obsessive-compulsive disorder detector attached to your computer which is activated before you can complete a transaction--if you are found 'positive', there ought to be a compulsory 24 hour cooling down period and a retest before the transaction is processed. On second thought......naw.....that takes too much of the 'fun' out of life on the internet.

Best wishes to you for a safe and enjoyable 2008.

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