Handmade New Style "Wicked One" Skinner Knife with Elk Antler Handle

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    This knife features a new style blade, "The Wicked One."
    It measures 9-inches long overall. It features a wide blade designed for large cavities.
    The blade measures 4 1/4-inches long with a 3-inch cutting edge. It is 1 3/4-inches wide, has a thumb grip on top of the blade and a large index finger notch. It is fabricated from high quality, extreme weather endurance, polished 440c stainless steel, 4mm thick and it holds a sharp edge.
    It is attached to an elk antler handle that has been specially treated, finely sanded, polished and fitted with a fancy wooden end cap. The blade's tang has been deeply inserted and permanently attached with industrial strength epoxy. The handle is medium thick with a 4 1/4-inch circumference.
    For Forum members, it is $70 with free Priority Mail shipping in the continental U.S. Supporting Members take and additional $5 off.
    Contact Randy at rp50817@windstream.net. Feel free to call 402-443-4947 or 402-304-1422. The knife comes with a money-back guarantee. I can arrange for a custom, handmade, leather sheath - extremely high quality - at a fair price.

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