Handgun selection for women - Mike Seeklander

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    My wife enrolled in an introductory handgun course offered by the Coweta County sheriff's department several years ago. Following conventional wisdom, I gave her a Rossi 5-shot revolver in .38 special to accomplish her range training.

    To her (and my) surprise, when the deputy supervising her saw her handgun, he immediately told her to put it away and handed her his 9mm Glock. His rationale was essentially the same as Seeklander's as reflected in the video. He encouraged her to consider the larger semi-auto for her carry weapon.

    We ended up at the LGS where she was able to get her hands on both a Glock 26 and an XD-9 sub-compact. The XD just felt better in her hands, and that is what she selected. I have carried an XD-40 service model for years, so her decision made me happy as well.

    As an aside, we both appreciated the fine instruction given by the sheriff's department, which included classroom instruction on Georgia law and the use of deadly force, a session in their shoot/don't shoot simulator used in law enforcement training, and the live fire range visit. Kudos to our county for offering such a fine program.

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    I am trying to get access to a live fire simulator or get a shoot house built at a public gun range around here. Everyone seems to think it will be a big hit with all of the concealed carry permits being applied for, but no one seems interested in going through with it. My line of thought is can you really be too well trained with your carry weapon?

    As for the slightly bigger pistols for the ladies to carry, yes I like the idea, depending on what the conditions are. Sometimes a small gun is the only option, other times just getting accustomed to carrying and handling a bigger gun is all it takes. I had to work the wife up in size and caliber over about 18 months, now she wants a Colt Commander and she wonders why I love her. :D