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Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by shootalot523, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. shootalot523

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    I have a great spot to hunt deer, problem is the closest I can get to where they cross is 150-200 yards. I'm looking for a handgun that is capable of shooting 150-200 yards from a steady rest(if possible). Any suggestions? I was thinking of a Thompson, but not sure what caliber.

  2. spittinfire

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    If you got Thompson you can get it chambered in just about anything you want. Do you want an actual pistol round or a pistol chambered in a rifle round? If you are looking for a revolver it's going to be a 44 mag minimum and at 200 yards that would be pushing it. That also assumes you can hit it at 200.
    Go with a Thompson and pick your caliber, a 270 should work fine.

    Can I ask why you want to use a pistol instead of a rifle?

  3. hunter Joe

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    I have the Encore pistol chambered in .308. I think I could reach out and touch something at 500 yards with that firearm if I could see that far. I only have a 2X7 scope on it. IMHO this is a really good choice for long distance handgun shooting.

    I have to agree with Spitty, dang.
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    In the area I hunt in NY rifles are not allowed. I'm comfortable with my shotgun only out to 125 yards. I have a stand on the edge of a field where a lot of big deer cross, but I'm not allowed to put a blind in the open field. I can shoot into the field, but have to be in my stand, and that is typically around 180-200 yards away that they sit out in the field and play around. I'd like a rifle caliber in the Thompson, but don't know which one to get. want to be sure the caliber has the power and shoots flat enough that I'm not "forcing an issue. I have no idea how these rifle calibers perform out of a Thompson.

    Also, how do you do a quick reply? Said to click the icon, but I didn't see it.

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    Off the subject, I dont understand why the Department of Wildlife would not let you use a rifle but would let you use a handgun with a rifle cartridge. Doesnt make much sense??

    I agree with these guys, I'd check out a TC.

    I might be mistaken on this (I dont know the NY regs), but, I think you could use a muzzle loader??

    That might be a less expensive substitute?
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    I'd recommend an Encore in 7mm08 or .308. The shorter cartridges don't lose as much velocity as the longer 1s. I had an Encore in 7mm08 and it was DEADLY out to 300 yards from a steady rest. I wish now I still had it. You'll have to practice shooting from a pistol rest as you'll never be able to hold 1 offhand and make a long shot.
  7. c3shooter

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    Forget the revolver at 200 yards.

    Single shot in rifle caliber. Agree on the 7-08 or .308. You will need a bipod. Before you spend a LOT of money, verify that this is a go with your game commission rules.

    Muzzle loaders are good, but beyond 200 yards, the drop is great enough that accuracy is a function of how well you can judge range. See also rainbows.

    With ANY hunting, the issue is not "How far away can I hit him?"- it IS "How far away can I cleanly KILL him?" . To me, that means the range where you can hold ALL your shots in a 5 inch circle- that is about the size of the target area on a buck.
  8. Billdogge

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    Check Regs

    I also live in non rifle country in Upstate NY. I believe the Pistol has to have 6"and under barrel. I'd check the regs before you buy.
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    I'm thinkng that the regs will say a minimum length...for instance, here in Ohio where it is a shotgun state, hunting pistols have to have a minimum of 5" barrels. While I don't try to understand anything NY does, it makes very little sense to limit the barrel length of pistol hunting to 6" maximum.