handgun for deer?

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by boats169, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. boats169

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    Any of you members who have cleanly and humanely killed a deer with a handgun let me know what caliber and distance. going handgun hunting this year for deer.
  2. stalkingbear

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    I've killed deer with .41mag, .44mag, .454casull, and a TC encore in 7mm08. All were under 110 yards except for my 7mm08-I've killed deer out to 245 yards with it.

  3. c3shooter

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    There are deer, and there are deer. Different parts of the country, different species and size. I hunt Eastern Whitetail, .357, 10 inch bbl, 165 gr solids, most shots at 50 yds or less (laurel thickets). Have taken 3 with that- none moved more than about 20 ft.
  4. Txhillbilly

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    44 Magnum with handloads up to 100 yards,but most are between 25-75 yards. I usually shoot 240gr soft points,but also use SWC's and some Hard cast lead bullets. All will work fine on deer or hogs.
  5. skullcrusher

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    First, check your local laws for minimum caliber and barrel length. Here in Ohio, for instance, .357 Mag or larger with a minimum barrel length of 5". The most popular handguns used are in .44 Mag and 6+" barrel around these parts.

    Second, how about stopping by the Introductions section and let the forum members get to know you a bit.
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    only shot three deer with a handgun. first was a desert eagle .50AE the deer was on the side of the road in pain after hit by a car so i stopped and shot it. other two were with .45ACP same circumstance. i guess not technically hunting but it was humane and one shot for each.

    when hunting shot placement is everything. a 44 mag would be the smallest i would do an actual hunt with. in WI barrel has to be 5+ inches.
  7. joshfireart

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  8. hunter Joe

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    Shot a couple of whitetails with the Super Blackhawk within 25 yards with out a problem. Made a good hit on one at 40 yards, lost the blood trail because I didn't blow through it and ended up finding what was left of the deer the next day after the yotes had their fill.

    Don't hunt with a handgun any longer. I'm a better shot with a handgun than the gun's effectiveness at longer yardages and I'm too tempted to take those longer shots.
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    This thread reminded me of the gangster movie in which Danny Devito's character shoots a deer with a 1911 during a gangster meet-up that was disguised as a deer hunt (from memory). I think it may have been "Hoffa".
    I LOL'd.
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  10. Tuner

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    Four deer. First with a .44 mag and 260 gr cast bullet at 60 yards. Hit low shoulder, deer went 40 yards and died. Deer 2 & 3. One shot with a TC Contender Super 14 in 30-30. Hit the first deer in the spine and it went down, bullet (150 gr. Speer) went through and hit a second deer that I did not see square in the neck and broke the neck killing it instantly. I put a second shot in the first one as it was still kicking. Deer 4, .44 mag., same bullet as my first revolver kill, same revolver, 45 yards, spine shot, deer went down right there.
  11. IDVague

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    I have a friend who has hunted whitetail exclusively with a .44MAG for years. The area he hunts does not afford more than about 100 yards to get a good shot off, as it is mountainous and has a thick underbrush. He is very successful at it and is an exceptional marksman.
  12. powg

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    hand gun for deer

    deer hunting with a handgun is a great challenge not to be taken lightly ...word of the day is practice ..choose the right gun ..my choice 180 grain jhp .44 mag mod 29 smith with 8.5 barrel .no optics ..sharpen your basic hunting techniques ..ie wind, cover ,stealth full camo if stalking , ...my advice is to keep shots at same distance as you would ethical bowhunting ....inside 50 yards if possible...this has worked for me ..there are lots of variables and opinions on guns ,loads,calibers etc .that need to be researched before you undertake this next evolution of your hunting resume'
  13. spittinfire

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    Check your local laws for caliber restrictions. Here in NC it must be larger than .24 for deer and have a barrel of at least 6". I'm planning to do some pistol hunting this year as well and I've got a 6" 357 or a 8 3/8" 44 mag, either one will do the job but the 44 gives you a bit more range. For the 357 I will probably go with 170 or 180 gr and the 44 I'll use 240. I don't think I need that heavy of a bullet but I have a bunch on hand.
  14. nhsuper44

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    If you own a TC Contender or an Encore, there are a wide range of calibers to choose from. Just be sure to practice alot with whatever caliber you choose to hunt with. Good luck!!