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  1. warrioroftheland

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    Just wondering what everybody uses. since i will be pickin up a handgun soon and cleaning goes with owning a firearm. what cleaners, lube and whatever else.

    BTW i do know to unload the weapon before starting to clean. ( just wanted to weed out the Smart A$$ bunch )
  2. Mark F

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    So, what are you cleaning? Blued, Stainless, revolver, autoloader, etc...

  3. warrioroftheland

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    black, autoloader, Double Action/Single Action, 40 s&w ( or maybe 9mm havent made up my mind yet ), polymer-frame
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    SGT-MILLER New Member

    A good choice can be a standard universal cleaning kit from Hoppes, Outers, etc...

    Having the following with your kit is recommended:

    1. Nitro Solvent

    2. Gun Oil

    3. Silicone Cloth

    4. Proper sized Bore Brush

    5. Q-Tips

    6. Extra cleaning patches

    7. Spare rag (non lint producing if you can)
  5. RL357Mag

    RL357Mag New Member

    Agreed on the Hoppes Pistol cleaning kit - but if you're going to be shooting jacketted ammo get a bottle of Sweets 7.62 Copper removing solvent. Nitro solvent does nothing for copper. If you'll be shooting cast bullets get a pack of Hoppes "Quick Clean" rust and LEAD removing cloth. Cut some into patch size and use it like a patch with your cleaning rod - you'll be amazed at what it removes from your barrel!
  6. Bob Wright

    Bob Wright Member

    In addition to the forementioned, I use Hoppe's #9 solvent in bore/chambers, and flush with a generous spraying of WD-40. Wipe everything dry as possible and lightly coat with my mixture of 50/50 automotive motor oil and Three-In-One oil. I coat my guns liberally with the oil, then wipe down with one of those blue paper shop towels from AutoZone.

    Every so often I rub down the grips with linseed oil.

    Folks try to tell me I'm doing this all wrong, but my guns are nearly fifty years old, and approaching twenty thousand rounds down their bores, still going strong.

    Bob Wright
  7. robocop10mm

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    I like Shooter's Choice bore solvent. Removes copper, lead, and plastic (shotgun wadding) fouling. Lead free cloth is nice for cast/swaged bullet fouling. Do not use a lead free cloth on blued surfaces, it will remove the bluing.
    For lube, you will get a thousand different answers. CLP, Rig Lube (paste) and Castrol Syntec 5W-30 are the only lubes I use. The Syntec is the cheapest possible as a $5 quart will last a lifetime.
  8. Rimfire McNutjob

    Rimfire McNutjob New Member

    I ;like hoppes #9 a good brush, jag, and patch holder. some gun oil for a light coat on all metal parts and grease for the heavy wear areas. In my 1911 I always run Wilson Combat molygrease. Stuff is great slick as frozen snot but stays where you put it.

    I would not get a bore snake as all this does is pull a dirty rage threw your barrel.

    I also like gunslick foaming bore cleaner to get copper fouling out stuff is like pigs in slop in a copper fouled barrel.
  9. RL357Mag

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    Oooops! Thanks for that follow-up - I forgot about blued guns - mine are stainless, and the lead removing cloth works fantastic in cleaning the barrel ports, and polishing out the burned-in residue around the ends of the cylinder chambers, where nothing else seems to work.