Handgun as gift to 19 year old?

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by HeavyCompetition, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. HeavyCompetition

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    I'm living in New Hampshire and my father has expressed interest in buying a pistol for me as a gift. Being 19 and unable to buy one myself, this is legal correct? I don't want to look like we are attemtpting to commit a straw purchase. Do we just say this will be a gift? It's tough because he is not all that knowledgeable about guns and I would be at his side looking and explaining stuff to him. To me that's like a straw purchase.
    As far as posession, all i can find in NH state law it is only restricted to minors. But no age such has 18 or 21 is given. I'm also curious to know the legalities behind transporting it unloaded in a car. It seems to be ok as i read the laws. Unloaded being the key word.
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    First question is does your father live in New Hampshire? Check out your gun laws in your state constitution or ask a gun rights organization there. I believe people under 21 can't buy a handgun, but I don't think you aren't allowed to own one. If you go into a shop and ask all the questions and your father just pulls out his wallet to pay, you might find the owner unwilling to sell. Why not just wait two more years?

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    It probably varies state to state, but here in MN it is illegal for an adult to give anyone under 21 access to a handgun unless they are in the field and hunting with it and supervised.

    As for carrying a handgun in a car, it is usually required that the gun be unloaded and in a closed case in the rearmost part of the car (ie. trunk). They don't like people to be able to reach it while driving, even if it is unloaded. If you have a carry permit, that is a whole different ballgame.

    If I were you I'd swing by a local gun shop and just ask questions. Local gun guys should know the regs.
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    I may be wrong, but I think it has been illegal on the Federal level for an adult (21 plus) to give a minor (under 21) a handgun, or a long gun to anyone under 18, since 1968, Military Service excluded, of course, unless in the field and under direct supervision.

    Also, the '68 Gun Control Act says that a minor cannot purchase "handgun" ammunition. The regs may have been changed to allow minors 18 to 20 to purchase .22 rimfire ammo though, I am not sure.
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    Very likely illegal

    Simply put, I would NOT give a handgun to anyone under 21. A nice rifle or shotgun, sure.

    No one needs a hassle with ATF nazis or even local Barney Fife's. Just don't do it!