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    Free floating means that it isn't attached to the barrel. This supposedly increases accuracy, as the barrel is allowed to move freely of the hand guard.

    Those more knowledgeable in ARs will be along shortly to explain in greater detail the benefits to the AR.

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    Basically matt nailed if for you, except he used the words "supposedly" - which isn't the case... It's a fact, the same as free floating, or glass bedding, a bolt gun rifle action...

    The barrel is left to react the same way each and every time a round is fired. In effect Barrel Harmonics are left undisturbed.

    In a non free floated handguard, if you brace the weapon on a bench, or you use a sling, that is adding pressure to the barrel. The barrel then can not react the same way with each shot.

    Now, if you have a 16" CQB room clearing weapon, and you are shooting from here to across the street at the further spot, it isn't going to matter much.

    If you have a 20" custom built varmint gun and you are shooting out past 300 meters, it can make the difference between a hit and a miss.

    CQB weapon, a free floated handguard will help dissipate heat. Which is nice if you are doing a lot of running and gunning.

    I generally prefer them all the way around on all my AR's... and most of the police units & military guys we build for are the same way. Though they like to hang a lot of lights and sh!t off their forends...

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