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Everyone :
Every shooter should get professional instruction but it won't hurt to spell out some safety advice here on the forum :
1) If you use a wrap-around two hand grip, keep both thumbs on the same side of the gun . Do not cross your thumb over even when shooting a revolver because you will develop a bad habit and get bitten when you shoot an auto.
2) If you have big hands and shoot certain small autos, you may get bitten by the slide even if you grip properly . Check before firing.
3) Do not try shooting with your weak hand supported by your strong hand because you don't need to do it, but if you insist, check your thumbs carefully before firing because you will instinctively put your strong side thumb across . If necessary, fire cup-and-saucer ( palm support ) to eliminate any risk .
4) Do not hold an autoloader close to your face or other parts while firing .
5) And finally, don't let this safety matter magnify to the point it diminishes your enjoyment of the shooting sports.
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