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  1. Yunus

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    I'm replacing the scope on my Ruger charger with a Red dot. I haven't fired it with the red dot yet so I guess there is a chance I will go back to the scope but probably not.

    I'm wondering what do you use a scope on a handgun for? I find it to be to slow for aiming to be of any use in a defensive situation, and I can't imagine engaging something at a distance where magnification is required. Maybe I'm uninformed, this is the first handgun scope I have used and its a decent one, I paid like $200 for it, Nikon 2-7X scope but I just don't find it useful and I'm hoping someone can tell me what they use theirs for.
  2. canebrake

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    You have caught my interest on this one!

    I have always thought scopes on handguns were for two reasons;
    1. Hunting
    2. Competitive shooting

    PD close-in work never entered my mind because the need to turn on the dot. Has this changed? Is there a fast-on red dot? Mine (long gun) is a pain to turn on albeit not an expensive sight.

    I'll be watching the responses. [​IMG]

    And why would you use a Charger for PD???

  3. Yunus

    Yunus Active Member

    I wouldn't use the charger for PD unless I happened to be holding it and SHTF, its only a plinker for me. Although it would be a great gun for any small animals under 100 yards.

    The question goes beyond the charger, I'm just curious what people use their pistol scopes for. What I've thought is that any situation where a scoped pistol would be required would be handled better with a rifle. But I have limited experience with a scoped pistol.
  4. CA357

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    Buddy of mine has a scoped Ruger Redhawk .44mag. It's for pigs. :cool:
  5. Mark F

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    They are excellent for long-range shooting, and that's about it. I use a scope on two of my 44 Magnums for hunting. Other than that, they serve no purpose. If you plan on using your pistol for Personal Defense... forget the scope.

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  6. Yunus

    Yunus Active Member

    If the cheap sightmark red dot I have does not keep me happy, I'm going to get a Bushnell Holo like you have, those are very nice.
  7. yazul42

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    I had a 1.5X Simmons on my .41 mag Redhawk and it shot very well but the scope could not handle the recoil. My next one will probably be a much higher quality scope,, a Burris, Leo.,or one in that range. The crosshairs just kinda shattered. I feel that a scoped handgun is definitely one for hunting and iron sights are the best option in a defensive pistol. I like the large dot express sights personally,, they help my old eyes pick up the sight picture much easier. I have a red dot on my .22lr Beretta pistol and it performs very well.
    I would only put a high quality scope on a centerfire handgun from the lessons I have learned from using lesser models.

    Good shooting,
  8. Kain

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    You just don't mess with a man with a scope on a pistol! That's a man who will shoot you in the knee caps just to prove he can.

    Seriously, I'm on the "why?!?" side of the scope equipped handgun They're traditionally short range weapons and scopes are long range accessories. Perhaps to fill a niche between pistols and rifles, but didn't someone invent carbines for that?
  9. WDB

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    The only pistol I own with a scope is a Thompson Contender. I have hunted with it but for the most part it is a paper traget ninja safe queen. Fun to shoot out to 100 yards, not something every one has but honestly has little practicle use, just for grins.:D:D