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    so im 20 years old and my grandfather past away. my question is can i leagaly keep his handguns in my house and can i carry one of the handguns. from what i can see i cant buy a hand gun but it does not say anything about owning one. let me know what you think. thanks
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    Welcome to the Forum Mike -

    Soliciting law advice on line is a bit risky. I would highly recommend just calling a local cop shop. They will gladly tell you what is and what is not allowed in your local jurisdiction, and you don't have to give them any information about yourself to get the answers.

    As far as carrying a weapon, do you have a license? Because unless it is an open carry state, I am pretty sure you are going to need one....


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    I will answer in broad generalities as I have no first hand knowledge of NH laws.
    Under Federal law you must be 21 to purchase a handgun. They do not say anything about owning one in your own home. Keeping it at home is "probably" OK (depending on NH law).
    Carrying it is likely another thing entirely. Most if not all states will not allow handgun carry (concealed or open) unless you are at least 21.

    JD is correct, call the local LE office and ask about the laws. You will likely get several answers from different officers in the same agency. Check with your local gun shop and see if they provide copies of the pertinent state and federal regulations. Read it thoroughly and ask questions, Laws are often left open to interpretation.

    When in doubt, consult an attorney.
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    OK to own. Should be OK to carry open (but GONH has several cases of local police not following this N.H. law). Should be OK to shoot at the range.

    This might be a good time to get acquainted with Gun Owners of New Hampshire.
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    First off- I'm sorry for your loss. I have several of my grandfathers guns that have a lot of childhood memories attached to them and they are very dear to me.

    You have access to an outstanding training facility. Sig Sauer Academy is right in Exeter, NH. It is fantastic, and state of the art. Take the money you saved not having to purchase the guns and take this:

    Courses for firearm, self-defense and law enforcement training.

    or this:

    Courses for firearm, self-defense and law enforcement training.

    It will be $195 well spent. Not only will you get answers to answer all your questions about the legalities, you will also get safety and skill training as well as satisfying the training requirement needed for many other states should you want to get your CCW there. They offer many other advanced courses as well should you decide to further your skill/knowledge.

    You DO NOT need a license to open carry a firearm in NH but you DO need one to have it loaded in your car or concealed in any way. I highly recommend you get your permit- NH is a shall issue state and you should have no problem with your local Chief of police.
    (some smaller towns do not handle CCW's so you will have to contact the State Police at 10 Hazen Dr. in Concord)

    Just because you can carry does not mean that you should. You need to fully understand the responsibilities and legal ramifications this right carries with it, as well as being properly trained so you do not injure yourself or someone else. A training course will allow you to make an informed and confident decision about whether carrying a handgun is for you.

    I applaud your desire to exercise your rights and to be a responsible, armed citizen. Good luck and enjoy your treasures.
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    In NH you need a permit to concealed carry. If you meet the requirements, I do not think it is that hard to get one.

    You can theoretically open carry, but I have heard some people getting hassled doing so. And, any sort of concealment (under a coat, etc) is concealed and in need of a permit.

    As far as taking ownership of the handgun, I would check out this forum on NH gun law:
    New Hampshire Laws - Northeastshooters.com

    I would guess you are ok, but not sure.
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    I can only assume that since you can buy a handgun from an unlicensed (FFL) person, you should be able to inherit your grandfathers handguns. Make sure you consult your local PD still.
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    In most states you have to be 21 to leagaly own or or have in your posession a pistol. I would tuck them away until you turn 21. As for carry that would be a poor choice unless you have a premit/license to do so and expect you will have to be 21 before you can get the premit/license.

    My advice is to put your Grandfarters guns away until you hit the legal age of ownership.
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    He can legally own them in NH. Here are the related statutes:

    Section 159:12 Sale to Minors.


    OP- I would still highly recommend speaking to your local Police Chief as everyone has mentioned, but NH allows hunting with several calibers of pistol and as such 16yrs is the minimum age to openly carry any of those pistols (there is a 5 round max limit though and accompanied by an adult until the age of 18) There is a bit of a gray area in the statutes where age and ownership of handguns is concerned. This leaves room for your local municipality to translate it how they see it, for better or worse. Talk to the Chief.:D
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