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    Hi all,
    I am new to hand guns but now I am smitten. I shot my first hand gun in 30 years last February and now have developed a deep interest in them. OK, I want to buy as many revolvers and semi-automatic pistols as I can before I die. (Wife rolls her eyes.) My first purchase is going to be a Ruger GP-100 revolver. My interest, however, goes further than the basics of hand gun safety, handling, maintenance and shooting techniques. I am interested in learning how these weapons are designed and manufactured, from the design drawings and factors influencing various tradeoff decisions, the metallurgy and casting to the manufacturing steps. The physics and engineering of fluid dynamics and internal ballistics would not be intimidating. It's the art of the design of these weapons I am fascinated with. I don't think a typical gun manufacturer, however, is going to trip over themselves to reveal anything proprietary, I realize that. But might there be some books or articles out there that address these subjects? Typical google searches turn up gun encyclopedias, gun digests, gun catalogs and an occasional ballistics treatise on rifles, howitzers and mortars. Just the hand gun please. Any suggestions?
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    I can't help you with your request, but some really smart guys will probably be along shortly who have walls of books like you are interested in.

    Please stop by the introductions area and tell us a little about yourself.
    You will get some nice welcomes.

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    Do a Google or Bing on Jerry Kuhnhausen. He has several books out on different firearms (with schematics).
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    The Inventor of the Model 47 Medusa is a member of our forum. Hes not on too often, but maybe you could talk with him. His name is Johnathan Phillips.
    If you never heard of the Medusa, Its this neat Muli-caliber revolver that shoots just about anything in the 9mm, .38, .357 calibers....
    Heres the original thread I did on mine.... http://www.firearmstalk.com/forums/f16/medusa-model-47-a-37082/
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    I don't know if you'll be interested, but even if you're not a

    re-loader, the reloading manuals by Hornady, Speer, and Lyman

    are a wealth of ballistics information which covers everything

    from a brief history of any specific caliber, to cartridge specs,

    popular powder types, and recommended loads sorted by

    projectile types and weights.