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  1. WDbeej

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    I bought my first gun and need to know, what products I should purchase for cleaning and preserving my investment? Where would you suggest buying that product as to not over spend?

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  2. yellowhand

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    Looks nice, what is it?

    Walmart has what you need.
    Hoppes #9 to clean all the junk out.
    Breakfree to oil and add protective finish.
    Cleaning rod, a few patches, an old face towel to wipe off excess Breakfree.
    A bore brush to help remove junk from barrel.
    Does not take much and your new handgun will give you years of service.
    Keep in mind, the military test handguns to shoot 5000 to 10,000 rounds without cleaning or oiling.
    My new Model 19 Glock, right out of the box, no cleaning or oiling, had 600 rounds placed thru it just to insure it would work!
    A good handgun or rifle will run for a very long time without cleaning or oiling of any kind.
    I saw a German Luger still in the remains of its leather holster, which was dug up out of the ground after nearly 50 years, rinsed off in gasoline, wiped down with a rag, and then fired!
    I would not have done this, but I saw it done and the thing got off two rounds before the recoil spring twisted/dented up the old rounds in the mag, as it tried to load number three into the chamber.
    Enjoy your new handgun.

  3. Mr. Bluesky

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    Hoppes #9 is your best friend. Probably 99% of the folks on this forum use it, because it works really well.

    Oil is a little more variable. I use Rem-Oil, some people use Mobil 1, or mix their own blend. Find what works for you. As long as you keep the barrel and the rails (See the owner's manual, I know the M&P manual shows you where to lube.) oiled with something, you'll have no problems.

    Other than that, you need a basic cleaning kit: Rod, patches to clean and oil, and a wire brush to get out lead build-up. You can find the whole package at your FLGS, Gander Mountain, or Sporting Goods store. Probably even Wal-Mart.

    I also keep a bore snake (Hoppe's 9 - BoreSnakes), and run it through the gun once before I take it to the range to even out the lubrication in the barrel and make sure there's not too much.

    The M&P's are pretty easy to clean, just field strip and wipe down everything you can see with Hoppes. Tissues work fine for large surfaces (Bottom of the slide, top of the frame, etc.), and Q-Tips work for little nooks and crannies, just make sure not to leave any tugged-off cotton inside your gun. I don't use the cleaning patches except in the barrel.

    Enjoy your gun!
  4. WDbeej

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    What I got is the Smith and Wesson M&P9 Carry and Range kit; pistol, 3 mags, Bladetech holster, Bladetech mag holster, Uplula loader. MSRP $609, got it NIB $509.
  5. WDbeej

    WDbeej New Member

    BTW, thank you both for your quick responces.
  6. sweeper22

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    If you plan to add more guns in the future (especially long guns), I'd really recommend going into Walmart and picking up one of the universal do-it-all gun cleaning kits that come in the cigar type boxes. Some are more elaborate than others, but you'll get years of use out of a kit you'll spend between $15 and $40 on. Add a $4 can of Rem-Oil (cleaner/lubricant) and you've already got the basics covered.

    An old tooth brush and some small scraps/patches from an old tshirt will handle anything else. I like to finish each cleaning by adding a tiny bit of oil/lubricant to the slide rails to keep it smooth during cycling.
  7. yellowhand

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    Nice price

    If its not a 1911 or BHP or SW revolver, hard for my old eyes to know what it is.:D
    Nice price, good buy there.
  8. canebrake

    canebrake New Member

    Best advice, buy the highest quality you can afford!

    Good cleaning tools are an investment and should have as much pre-purchase research as did your gun selection.

    I've used them all and can save you the time and $$$ with my recommendations. (Just remember this is subjective and don't get yourself confused with the Chevy vs Ford thingie.)

    Here are my minimum requirements for gun maintenance: (provided links are for visual reference, SHOP around!)

    Hardware (get dedicated tools and keep them in a cleaning box marked S&W M&P and don't mix them with your other gun/caliber equipment.)

    • Solvent(s) Get the Hoppes #9
      I like/use Hoppe's #9 Semi-Auto Bore Cleaning Solvent Hoppe's #9 Semi-Auto Bore Cleaning Solvent - MidwayUSA
    • Lube(s) (can't beat the default; Rem Oil)
      I blend my own. Cane's "Mobil Mystery", 90% Mobil 1 / 10% Marvel Mystery.
      [​IMG] + [​IMG]
    • Patches (get caliber-specific size patches and DON'T mix them!)
    • Q-Tips (can't clean guns without them!)

    1. Use only properly sized tools (if you don't have that .45 bore brush, get one!)
    2. Clean your gun barrel in the same direction the bullet travels (on your gun, with the barrel removed, push the brush from breech to muzzle, remove the brush and pull the rod out, IOW, don't run it back-and-forth)
    3. Use a fresh patch on each pass (patches are cheap, barrels are expensive)
    4. DO NOT drag a dirty patch back through the "just cleaned" barrel
    5. Disassemble your gun only to the level required to access areas where fouling reaches
    6. Cleaning your gun requires a clean work area. The idea is to remove, not add dirt
    7. When it comes to lube, lighter is better (pass a lightly lubed bore mop 2-3 times instead of a oil soaked and dripping mop once)
    8. Lube needs to be present, not seen (visual) to work (see # 7 above)
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  9. WDB

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    Cane expressed it well. I use Hoppes #9 and Rem Oil, get the best tools that fit the firearm & you can afford to clean your firearm and they will last a lifetime. With the M&P it is so east to take down there is ne excuse to push the cleaning rod from the business end. Take the barrel out and clean it in the same driection the bullet travels.

    You chose a fine pistol, if you take care of it, it will take care of you.
  10. StanDJ77

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    Only two things for me

    I would go to wal-mart and get a gun cleaning kit, cleaning wipes and order some Ballistol. I see from the posts that people like hoppes and thats cool, to each its own. I like Ballistol cause it cleans,protects and lube all in one. I own a glock and it doesnt require much oil at all so thats what i choose.
  11. Eric0424

    Eric0424 New Member

    When I had just the one handgun to clean I started with the Kleen-Bore Pockit in # .38/.357/9mm, a bottle of Shooter's Choice bore solvent, Hoppe's No. 9 Gun oil, some # .38/.357/9mm patches, tooth brushes, cotton swabs and some shop towels. Used those for years until I bought other weapons, it kept my cleaning supplies simple, compact and relatively inexpensive. Now that I'm taking care of several rifles and pistols I have a large, clean everything set.

    As far as solvent and oils go, most anything in the gun cleaning section will work just fine, I've used Shooter's Choice, Hoppes 9 and Outer's solvents with the same results, a clean bore, mags, action assemblies, etc. etc.. I used Hoppes 9 oil for years before moving over to EEZOX, Break-Free CLP and Rem-Oil, but all work well for lubing my fire arms. The EEZOX is the only thing I'll use on my Marlin semi-auto though, it prefers to run nearly dry and the EEZOX seems to work great with it. I still prefer the Hoppe's oil in my bolt action and lever action rifles.