Hah, okay don't bother with Tasco :P .

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    I had a Tasco on my first 10/22 for a while and it worked as well as I could have asked. Fast forward a few years and I've got a Marlin 795 and put another Tasco scope on it. Worked great for a good thousand rounds, and I ended up putting it on my new .308 just to shoot it. Put another 200-250 rounds through it in the last couple months, and decided I'd go ahead and pick up another one so both rifles could be scoped (for the fun). I decide to put the old scope back on the Marlin and put the shiny new one on the .308 (don't ask why :p ).

    Two days ago I go to zero the rifles, and the .308 scope won't seem to hold a zero after maybe 10 rounds, and 20 rounds in the reticle starts rotating. I had accidentally thrown away the packaging and receipt the day before... sight.

    Then today, the scope that I put back on the Marlin apparently broke in transit, and it is extremely out of focus and there appears to be something inside it blocking part of the view. Not that there is really a "view," as it was like trying to read with the bell 1" away from the page, but yeah :p . Tossed that one in the trash, though I might go back tomorrow and see if it's still there as I just realized I left the rings on it :p.

    Going to go with iron sights on the .22 for a while, and I'll be rocking a spare (but quality) Red-Dot on the .308 until I find something better. But, the dot has been on a 9mm handgun, a 12g slug gun, and through thousands of rounds of a .22 and stood up to all sorts of other abuse, so hopefully it can handle a few dozen starting-load .308s per week :p .
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    I had a Simmons break on a 223 bolt. They replaced it with their top of the line Aetec. It broke after 40 rnds on a 308 bolt.