Had to do it,cold or not!

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    Finally the snow and the wind let up enough to try out one of the MNs I got from AIM a month ago. It was 19 degrees with 5-10 mph breez over my right shoulder. Snow was about a foot deep with a crust of ice on top not thick enough to support my weight. walking was pretty labor intensive. but I put targets up at 25, 50, and 100 yards.
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    This was @ 25. 1-1/2 Bull. The 2 on the right were my first down the tube, The one in the bull was after moving the front sight to the right. Time to move to 50 yds.
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    The 3 farthest right were the first at 50 yds. 3 inch Bull. The three on the left were after moving the front sight right again.The 2 closest to center were after moving the sight back to the left a scoush. Time for 100 yd.
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    At 100 yds the 3 inch bull was invisible. I was aiming at center paper. The top 3 were the first at 100 yds and the bottom 3 I changed my sight picture.
    OK, Toes are frozen, nose is running, time to go to the house.
    I'm not at all disappointed, This was much better than the last 2 mosins I bought but it is probably because of the ATI stock which I really am not in love with after spending at least 1 hour fitting to get the action to fit snugly and another hour removing stock material so the interupter would let me load without forcing the rounds into the magazine. I've since floated the barrel. It may or may not shoot better now. It more than likely shoots better than I do any way.
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    Looks like a good shooter ya have there. Night even get better after it warms up some! :D

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    That will do the job. Now go get yourself a cup of hot chocolate or a warm adult beverage.
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    A foot of snow, 19 degrees, and a Moisin that was saying "I must be back home again!"
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    Now all I have to do is decide whether to do a Gunsmithing mod and bend the bolt and scope it. If I do and it is successful I'll have to cut and recrown the barrel and put a real stock on it. All on a limited budget, but it does reduce the need for another gun fix. I do find myself becomming somewhat of a purist when it comes to milsurps, I guess this would be a sign of a split personality!
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    Not sure where you're located but you're certainly a shooter after my own heart. When a guy's gotta shoot, a guy's gotta shoot!

    February thaw.
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    East accrosed the Lake Erie Pa.