Had to Clear my house last night...

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    It's quiet, and dark. As it should be at 4 am in the morning. Suddenly, there was a horrific crash, the sound of metal clobbering wood. In two seconds I'm on the side of the bed, with my wife next to me, and I grab my Glock 23 with nightsights, loaded with Remington Golden Saber jhp's. I kneel between the door and bed, 100% expecting to see an armed robber or meth-filled junkie coming through our small hallway. 15 seconds (which felt like an eternity) pass, no noise. I put on some shorts, take a deep breath, and go into the dining room/living room area, just outside of our bedroom. I breathe a sigh of relief, our entire over-the-door pantry rack had collapsed on the hardwood floor, no armed robber, no meth-filled junkie. Needless to say, it took a long time for our heart rates to go back down...

    I learned some valuable lessons last night. First, I did some things right in my preparation:
    - I kept my gun loaded and chambered. I would have been even more worried had I had to waste precious seconds loading a magazine and racking a slide.
    - I kept my safe open at night. I shaved precious seconds not having to fumble with a key or combination.
    - I had a Glock, with no external safety. Last night, I didn't want to think about manual safeties, I just wanted to grab a gun, and be prepared to shoot it.
    - I had run through the scenario in my head once or twice, and knew where I would kneel in the room, if our house was broken in to.
    - I had recently gotten the number for a local defense attorney, should I need one in a self-defense situation.

    Now, some things I completely screwed up.
    - I didn't have a flashlight. I really need to get a tactical flashlight.
    - I didn't keep a pair of shorts near my gun safe, so I had to go the dresser to get them...
    - When leaving the bedroom to clear the dining room, I had the gun pointed up and not down, not wise given that we live in an apt with neighbors upstairs.
    - I didn't ever tell my wife what my plan was given a break in, which means I had to tell her last night to grab a phone, instead of it just being part of an action plan.

    Other things I learned through this experience:
    - I want a .45 ACP. Yes, the thought actually went through my mind last night "d*mn it, I need a .45, not a .40 S&W."
    - I need training on clearing rooms
    - I need training on firing a gun one-handed while using a flashlight
    - I need training firing a gun while kneeling
    - I need a tactical flashlight
    - My Body Alarm Reaction is good. I can still hear, I didn't get tunnel vision, I saw my 3 night sights perfectly fine. However, my fine motor skills were non existent, as I was shaking and had a vice-grip on my Glock.
    - 911 is useless. Had someone broken in, we would have called when we heard footsteps. It would have taken that person 3-5 seconds to get into our bedroom. That's enough time to enter and shoot, stab, whatever.
    - Laser sites could be very beneficial for my home-defense gun, if the need arose to fire the weapon from a less-than-ideal angle...

    I pray that we will never be awoken by an intruder from without, but if we are, I am now that much more prepared, and know the training that I need to be even more prepared.
  2. CA357

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    I'm glad you're both okay and that it was a false alarm. It's also good that you had a real world opportunity to check out the positives and negatives in your plan.

    Number one on the flashlight. I keep a small Surefire right next to my pistol.

  3. ktmboyz

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    Glad it worked out ok and you picked up on the +/- of youre situation. You can never run enough drills to prepare for the real thing. I too need to work on firing grips with a light just incase :eek:

    +2 on the flashlight I always keep my .45 and the surfire side by side on my nightstand or in the drawer
  4. feedsasquatch

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    I'm going to be purchasing a Surefire or something similar very soon. I'll start practicing at the range with a one-hand grip and light in the other once I get it.

    Now to start researching which flashlights are the brightest that use AA batteries. 120 lumens should be a good starting place...
  5. RL357Mag

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    It don't sleep very much or very well, so when I finally do fall asleep it would take a nuclear blast to get me up...and with the A/C running I can't even hear the dogs bark! :D
  6. Succinct

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    Thanks for sharing that experience. Your learnings are now mine too!

    One thing a co-coworker recommended to me is a Pelltor (spelling?) headset, which protects your hearing in case you have to shoot, yet at the same time it amplifies low-level sounds so you can hear the "bad guys" planning their next move. Sounds like a great idea to me, and Amazon has what seems like two suitable models, a "tactical 6" for $70, and a "tactical 7" model for $110. Seems like a good investment to me. Anyone else know about this?
  7. canebrake

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    Before you go cashing out for the surefire take a look at this 300 Lumens R2 CREE 5 mode tactical light I got for ~ 60$.

    Spiderfire R2 CREE LED 5 Modes Combat Torch Set SF-X666

    I've had this flashlight for almost a year and it has proven to be a great asset.

    It's not a AA but uses CR 123A lithium, a fact I have not found to be a disadvantage.

    I have purchased several items from this vendor with no problems.


    Save some money and buy more ammo, or a 45ACP!


    IGETEVEN New Member

    Thanks Cane for the information, I have been looking for a torch just like that for a while and they have come down in price too. :D

  9. orangello

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    Kitchen appliances generally scare the crap out of me too. ;)

    I'm glad it worked out & it sounds like it was a great "shake-down" drill. I wonder how well one of those $15 headlamps would do; i wouldn't really want a lighted "shoot here" sign on my noggin, though. Though my pistol is right beside my bed, i would probably grab the Mossy pump12 right beside it if possible; i'm considering some kind of light mounted on it for late night problems.

    Have you considered leaving some holiday bells hanging on the door or "easy access" entryways?
  10. stalkingbear

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    What I don't get is why you took the time to put shorts on. I'm positive the sight of somebody my size naked & holding a large handgun & light would scare the bejeebers out of a burglar.:D
  11. Texanbybirth

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    I definitely have some catching up to do, but I do have one advantage.

    I keep 2 boxers in the house. They will slow anybody down and let me know where the BG is. With my 3 boys' bedrooms on the opposite end of the house, it's nice to send out a "scout".
  12. WDB

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    A good dog and a good alarm system goes a long way. If you live in an appartment these are not options another reason to buy a home when you can. Evwen with the dogs and alarm I've been waken much the same as described by the OP. Didn't bother getting dressed, grabbed my pistol, held my ground for a minute, listening for follow up noise. When I didn't hear it I swept my house. I carry a S&W M&P 45 with night sights and when I go to bed I clip on a light/laser combo. I'm not trying to be tactocool but believe that if I have my pistol/light/secondary sight all in one hand it allows the other hand to be free. I've read and seen where having the light in the opposite hand can be an advantage but for me this set up works in practice. If I see the threat in my light it is already in my sights. Target aquired, I can shoot single hand or two hand with out having to move or drop my light.

    My 2 cents
  13. skullcrusher

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    Thanks bear. Now I won't sleep tonight. :eek::eek:
  14. Ubergopher

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    Plus, if you shoot them naked it adds insult to injury!
  15. Gojubrian

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    Another cheap suggestion on the light.

    I have a coleman,small ,tactical light that uses 3AAA batteries from wal mart for $29....115lumens is plenty of light. :)

    I think the .40 would have done the job without any complaints, but I'd rather use buckshot or slugs given the chance.

    Thanks for the write up!
  16. sgtging

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    My brother once ordered a bad guy out of his garage at gunpoint. 0500 in the morning and dressed only in his tighty-whiteys. Held him until the deputies arrived. Sometimes there isn't enough time to dress properly.:eek:
  17. dog2000tj

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    Forget the sight of that. :eek: Just the thought of that alone scares the bejeebers out of me. :D

  18. CHLChris

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    My 1.5 cents, worth even less than that...

    This last week we have had an awful (for us) heat wave in the Northwest. We've had all the fans on, a portable AC unit in our bedroom, and add to that a LOT of windows open. I sleep well, but lightly. My ears are my best alarm. So the open windows and room noise brought some anxiety, but better than 100 degree nights.

    We locked our bedroom door, which would provide NO security, but would at least give me a few extra seconds to grab my Glock which rests on the open door of a GunVault 1000DLX safe right under my bed.

    I have no children so the negative of a gun-mounted tactical light (everywhere the light points, so points your barrel...even at your children awake in the night or whatever) doesn't apply, only the positives.

    Since your G23 has rails, you should consider something mounted for your light. In that situation, I'd much prefer two handed shooting positions if given a choice.

    Seems to me that .40 S&W is absolutely plenty to deal with most threats.
  19. tturner226

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    We could all probably use more training to be honest.
  20. feedsasquatch

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    My grandfather in law just gave me a Pelican rated at 74 lumens for free. It's not 120 lumens, but its free. Once I have a chance, I'll get to the range and start practicing firing one-handed and see how I do. If it's awefull and I see no chance of improving, I just might sink some $$$ into a tactical light for my pistol...

    As soon as time affords, I'll take a intro and a intermediate pistol class. Eventually, when I get my Concealed carry license in the mail, I'll buy a .45 as a "treat."