Had some more fun today at the range.

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by Txhillbilly, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Txhillbilly

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    I went back out to the range today to pass time and shoot my AR 15's and Saiga 223. I grabbed several different handloads and factory ammo. There were several other shooters at the range when I arrived,so I found me a lefty station and set up. I didn't shoot my best,but it was pretty cool again-34* with a slight breeze.Just enough to make your fingers cold. I was shooting 100yrds.

    Target-Top row,left to right-
    55gr Soft Point,1st shot dead center,next was high,then grouped the last 3. I was rushing the shots.
    55gr V-Max,these always shoot good,I just need to learn to take my time.
    69gr BTHP, First 3 shots right together,I pulled the next 2.
    Center row-
    62gr HP,I don't know why I shot these so bad?
    55gr FMJ Prvi Partizan,My 1-8 twist AR's don't like this stuff at all.
    Bottom row-
    55gr HP Wolf,I shoot this alot and it has never shot this bad.I don't know if the cold temp has anything to do with the way it shot or not. I shot 7rds at the left and center target and was amazed by how bad it was.
    75gr A-Max,My AR's really like this rd,I just didn't do my part.


    Now the Saiga 223,I bought this gun a few years ago and rarely shoot it,but I figured it was time to take it out and blow the dust out of it. It isn't the most accurate gun in the world,but it's fun to shoot.Even with the cheap Bushnell Banner scope that is on it,and shooting the Wolf 55gr HP ammo it isn't too bad.

    Top target- It was shooting low,so I adjusted the scope,and had some fun.
    Bottom target-Just for the hell of it,I changed and shot right handed on this one.Looks like I pulled it to the left a little!

  2. canebrake

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    I like the V-Max, good stuff.

    You can keep that Serb crap. I've never had luck with any caliber used. It's only plus is it's price.

  3. Don Davis

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    Nice shooting.

    Looks like you had some fun.

  4. deucemanbb

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    Ya got some real nice groups !!
  5. CA357

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    That's decent shooting, cold or not. You know which loads your rifle likes, just stick with those. :cool:
  6. The_Kid

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    Even though I use 190gr SPBTs in my Howa; the v-max and a-maxs are my favorite bullets.

    Good shooting!