Had an Interesting Offer on a Gun I Was Selling...

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by heymatthew, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. heymatthew

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    I was toying with the idea of parting ways with my Mini 14 Tactical. I have an AR in .223/5.56 and thought about selling the Mini to get something different. I've since chucked that idea for now, but I had an interesting phone call with an offer on my rifle. After the initial phone greetings and checking to see if the gun was still for sale, it went something like this:

    Him: I see you're asking $700. Are you flexible at all?
    Me: Yeah, I could bend a little.
    Him: I'll offer you $550 cash for it without the scope.
    Me: Nah, I'm not separating it, how about $650 all-in?
    Him: Would you do $600?
    Me: Tell you what, I'll meet you on your side of the middle and go $625 and that's my final offer.
    Him: Okay... Seems fair enough. I can do that. Cash good with you or would you prefer a money order or something?
    Me: Nah. Cash is fine and if you can just bring me a copy of your DL or Carry Permit and I'll bring 2 copies of a bill of sale with my DL copies so we each get a signed copy of the bill of sale with the Make, Model, SN, etc.
    Him: Oh... I'm not really comfortable with the paperwork man.
    Me: Well, I would just feel better if I had some proof that the gun left my possession. It's not that I don't trust you, it's just that if it falls into the wrong hands, I don't want it coming back on me.
    Him: I'll give you the full $700 without the paperwork.
    Me: No deal. Thanks though. I'll just hang onto it.

    That was it. I hung up. I'm not dealing with some sketchy dude that won't do a simple bill of sale. He got really weird about it. The fact that he was willing to pay an extra $75 to not have paperwork after he haggled me to death really freaked me out. I considered calling it in because I found it really suspicious, but a friend of mine advised me not to since the guy had my phone number and what not. I just let it go.

    Still... Anybody think I did the wrong thing here? What are your thoughts on the matter?

  2. okdonk

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    You did perfect. I'd do the same if i were you. Wee are talking about firearms not like selling or transferring car.
    So what if the other party has your phone #. As if he's going to do anything.
    Once again you did the right thing.

  3. trip286

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    Ya dun good. If they're wanting to haggle you like that, and then willing to pay extra for you to leave any kind of paperwork out of it, then I would have turned them down too.

    It could be simply that they aren't comfortable with you having their info. If that's the case... whatever. But, considering you're not an FFL, and are willing to reciprocate with your own info, I find it shady as hell.
  4. Jpyle

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    There are a lot of reasons that someone doesn't want a paper trail of gun ownership, not all of them are nefarious. That being said you did what you felt was the right thing and that's all that matters.
  5. heymatthew

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    Well, my buddy was just saying that if I turned him in, he could retaliate in some way via my phone number. I decided not to report it just because I don't want the cops all up in my business about my guns.
  6. heymatthew

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    Thanks for the backup guys.

    Actually, I wouldn't have minded not doing the paperwork if he had asked right up front. But the fact that he was willing to pay extra to NOT have paperwork makes me feel like he was up to no good.

    Just thought I'd share it with you.
  7. Blueguns

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    You did the right thing. That guy is pretty sketchy, whoever he is you're doing right by leaving him alone.
  8. orangello

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    Exactly. I have a couple of firearms that i bought at gunshows with no paperwork other than the seller looking at my ID to see i lived in-state. I wouldn't have a problem selling one the same way, but if it was an emphatic request, that would make me VERY hesitant.