H&R Handi rifle

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    i am interested in purchasing a H&R Handi rifle in the near future. however, i cannot find any gun dealers near me that stock this particular firearm so i cannot even look at the quality of it. does anyone own one and what are your thoughts about it. for the price range is it a good buy or not? i was going to use it for varmit control and maybe(?) deer hunting. i am interested in the .222, 22-250, or even .243 calibers. any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    H&H Handi Rifle

    I had a Handi Rifle in 270 Cal, kick the crap out of me. If your looking for a single shot, T/C Encore would be my first choice. 1 gun over 90 different calibers. If you looking for a firearm that is less expensive, Savage Arms would be my first choice. Plain Jane shooting machine. It comes in many popular calibers and you can get it with heavy barrels in the varmint calibers. These are very durable bolt action rifles and if you take care of it will last a lifetime.

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    handi rifle

    i have a handi rifle chambered in 308.my friends get a kick out of it when i hunt with it,i have MANY firearms,from high end autos to inexpensive bolts .but i love to hunt with this rifle when im going to move allot.it is very small,pretty light,and shoots very well.as far as built good its as good as you can expect for the money,its solid and durable,its not fancy,but it defiantly does its job.i took a pretty good 8 with it last year at a slight trot .the rifle (for me)is very quick and has a slightly longer butt stock then average which i like.just my opinion.
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