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    Stopped by my local Dick's this evening and they had H&R Handi Rifles on closeout. Didn't buy one but was really tempted. They had either the .308 or .223 (would have gone with the .308) both in camo synthetic, bull barrels and scope packages for $229. Their normal list on these rifles is $399. If one of them would have been .30-06 I most likely would have bought it.

    Anybody out there have a Handi-Rifle and have anything either good or bad to say about it? I'll be back in Peoria on Thursday evening and I might not be able to resist again.


    nice little rifles, my uncle has a .243 for his grand-daughter...........loud as hell, and has a little punch to it. shoots really well out to about 175 yards or so....................just hold onto that .308 though.:D

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    I have two of the them, the first one I bought was a .223 bull barrel about 15+ years ago and it's not a bad rifle, shoots good, the trigger not the greatest, but okay. I think it was $140 at that time. The second one I purchased around two years ago it is a 22-250 with a tupperware stock. I had hoped that it would be like my first one, the bad news is it's not even close. Really lousy trigger and to date I haven't been able to get it to shoot groups smaller than about 2 inches on a very good day. I think the price I paid for this one was $259 or so. Maybe I expect too much out of an inexpensive rifle, but the bottom line is that my first rifle is twice the rifle of my more recent one. Is this typical ? I don't know for sure, maybe others will weigh in on their experiences. I wish I would have bought the Savage Edge (axis) for around the same money and from what I hear a lot more rifle.
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    I have 2 1/2 Handi Rifles. You ask how 2 1/2? Glad you asked, I will tell you. The 1 1/2 is a .357 Mag and a .50 cal muzzleloader using the same receiver and interchangeable barrels. Once you buy one you can any number of other caliber barrels fitted to it. I bought mine originally as the .357 and then had the muzzleloader barrel fitted to it. It has the synthetic stock. I have now killed two deer with it, a three point buck and a doe.

    I also have a .30-06 Handi Rifle. It has a wood stock. I have killed five deer with it, a six point buck and four does. And by the way, I have no trouble holding onto it. I have no trouble with the recoil. Also, prior to this past season I upgraded my scope from a Tasco to a Nikon Buckmasters. I have never missed or had to take more than one shot at a deer with this rifle. I have a butt stock shell holder on it and if I did need a second shot, I can reload just about as fast as with a bolt action. A couple of deer seasons ago I killed a coyote with it. Again one shot.


    I used to have a .223 Handi but this past summer traded it for a crossbow. I killed a nice big doe this past deer season with it. Shooting that crossbow is just like shooting a rifle. It has a four power scope that has four horizontal crosshairs set for 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards. The doe was 30 yards away and I hit exactly where I aimed.

    Anyway back to the Handi Rifles. I like them. Mine are plenty accurate enough for deer hunting.