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    I Have a H&R .44 Rem mag single shot rifle. I do not know anything about this gun and would like to get info on it. I was wondering if the recoil is bad, and if it can be used for deer hunting. I have an 11 year old and I was wondering if it was too much gun for him. Thx in advance for ur help.
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    I know that people do hunt deer with the 44 mag. I believe the shoulder can handle a lot more recoil than your hand can. But it will greatly depend on your 11 year old.

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    Recoil from a rifle should be moderate when standing- ANY recoil is greater when seated (body can't rock) Use the right bullet, keep shots at 50 yards or so, should be adequate. DO check game laws in YOUR state on that weapon.
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    I have a 44 mag h&r rifle. It might have more recoil than a 11 year old may want to start off BUT with some 44 special loads it should be fine. If you reload then its no problem at all. Try it yourself with some run of the mill 180 or 240gr from the likes of blaser or magtech and see what you think. Even those mild 1150fps handgun loads will be closer to 1600fps + out of a 20" barrel. With a 2-7 or 3-9 scope it is fully capable of 150 yard kills with better ammo. Mine will shoot 2" 100 yard groups scoped with some hotter 240gr loads.
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