Guy shooting a 50 CAL.

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Last Crow, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. Last Crow

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    *This guy is shooting a 50 CAL. Watch the dust when he fires. The target, is**
    *a steel plate, 1000 yards away. You can hear the ping of the hit, and then*
    *the bullet comes back and hits the ground just in front of his position,*
    *then tumbles up hitting the earmuffs, knocking them off of his head. The*
    *footage is amazing. You can hear the bullet as it tumbles through the air on*
    *its course back toward the shooter. He's lucky it hit the dirt first. He is*
    *okay, and obviously very lucky. The bullet grazed his temple. What a*
    *difference a half an inch makes!**

    [ame=]YouTube - 52819 50caliber11 1[/ame]
  2. Dillinger

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    More like 100 yards. That is no 1,000 yard target and I don't believe it's the bullet that comes back, I believe it is part of the target he was shooting at.

    This video has been around for a few years now and doesn't do any of us responsible gun owners any favors. :mad:

  3. skullcrusher

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    Yes, and after it happens, you can hear one guy say, "We're not gonna do that again."