Guy at work insists revolvers are better for home defense?

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by charliegirl, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. charliegirl

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    Shooting the $hit this morning and a guy at work shows me a pic of his new revolver, a S&W .357. In this conversation, he tells me that revolvers are better for home defense because they're faster to shoot because there's no slide to worry about, you just point and shoot. I'm fairly new to the gun world, but I disagree with him saying revolvers are better for home defense. Even with only a year's worth of experience, I mess around with my gun a lot and have gotten to where I can pick up, rack the slide to chamber a round all in the same fluid movement and it feels like second nature. Plus, you can always have a round already chambered.... am I missing something or are revolvers really better for home defense like he claims?
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    HOSSFLY New Member

    Simple answer-----NO
    Simple answer-----YES

    The best is what YOU can use the best------

  3. JTJ

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    As the saying goes, "Everyone has an opinion." Dont bother to argue as it is usually useless.
  4. kryptar19

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    Keep doing what your doing. Revolvers may be better for him. The best gun for HD is the one that you use the best, IMO a semi auto with a hi-cap mag.

    Now, the most practical for HD is a shotgun with a short barrel and #6 in it.
  5. vincent

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    In the firearms world, there is no such thing as "best". If a revolver works best for your co-worker than that's what works best for him. Don't let him try to tell you that it's best for YOU.

    If you want my .02...I'd rather have a short barrelled shotgun than anything else...:cool:
  6. rifleman1

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    its all personal prefrence and what you like and what your comfortable with,i personally have both one is semi auto i have on or near me at all times and the other is a 38spl. hidden away that my wife is comfortable.all the rest are in my safes.
  7. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    i agree with Hossfly on this and the others. yes your co-worker is right, but so are you. if your are familiar with your pistols operation and can work it effectively, that is the main factor. what works for you is best, just as waht works better for someone else may be different. to each his own. i use both myself.
  8. tiberius10721

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    The only loaded gun I keep loaded in my house is my black powder 1858 remmy and that's because I want the bad guy to think he is being attacked by a fire breathing dragon.:D
  9. JonM

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    If i had to use a revolver in home defense i would probably lose. I would fare better with a semi auto pistol. Better even still with a shotgun. My preferred home defense is an ar15...

    Is that gonna work for someone else?? prolly not. But the ar15 is the firearm i have the most training and experience with.
  10. orangello

    orangello New Member

    ^^^ Yep, same reason here that my ole Mossberg, after some remodeling, is my go to gun for HD.

    I do think the revolver would be the easiest "in case of emergency break glass" handgun for most untrained people to use, barring reloads.
  11. littlejimmy

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    For home defense, I like to have my da/sa revolver next to me, because there is no safety to mess with and almost zero chance of malfunction. I also have a short barrel pump within easy reach.
  12. Overkill0084

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    It's all in what your comfortable with. If one shoots their revolver better than a semi-auto, then by all means, run what works.
    Competent use of any firearm is an improvement over begging for your life.
  13. Ranger-6

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    Statistics show that the past five invasion shootings were hardly more than a single shot. One shooting was the young lady and her baby; she shot once with a 12 gauge. Another was a young lady carrying a .22 semi auto, one shot the perp folded. Then there was the old man with a .45 revolver, single shot through the back door, man died on the sidewalk. There are many more shootings of invasions that did not go to the second round. Either with a shotgun, rifle, revolver, or semi; the invaders were killed right there. The threat was reduced to its lowest level with a single shot.
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  14. Jeepergeo

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    There is no perfect choice. Each choice has pros and cons that vary by user.

    Pistol - Typically more rounds. May be faster. More susceptible to jams. Racking makes noise and gives away your position.

    Revolver - Fewer rounds. Silent until the bang. Jams are nearly unheard of.

    Get experience with both pistols and revolvers, make your own lists of pros and cons, and make your own decision.
  15. pioneer461

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    Each platform has it's advantages and disadvantages. A significant disadvantage with a revolver, is the limited number of rounds available. In most cases, 5 or 6 rounds, as opposed to at least double that for many semi-autos. Once upon a time, revolvers were preferred because of the tendency for auto loaders to jam. Perhaps that was once the case, but in modern times auto's, with quality ammo, can be as reliable as revolvers.

    I own several revolvers and autos, and my out-the-door preference is for one of my autos, in a caliber that begins with the number "4". On those occassions that I carry one of my revolvers, I do not feel "underguned" as long as I have at least one reload, which I always have with either platform.

    As others have pointed out already, what works best is that which works best for you. Perhaps your coworker for some reason never mastered shooting autos, and therefore revolvers are best for him.
  16. jismail

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    I own both, but the revolver is on the nightstand....

    When picking a HD weapon, I consider that whatever the HD choice is going to be, it has to be operable in a 'full panic' mode by the least qualified person in the household.

    In my case, it is my wife.

    True, SA pistols have more firepower and can shoot quicker, but I am betting her life on the fact that should she ever be caught home alone and need a weapon to defend herself, the simplicity of the "point and pull" revolver will give her a better chance of sucessfully fighting back with it then she would if I had a SA for her to use that she wasn't fully comfortable with given her level of training and sustained practice with firearms.

    The worse thing I could do is provide her with a weapon that she cannot fully operate in crisis mode when the 'fight or flight' instincts kick in, and as much as we would like to insist that "training is essential' for firearms owners, the sad fact is may folks who buy a single HD dedicated firearm rarely practice with it much after the initial purchase.

    For me, the revolver is the best HD choice.
  17. mcb

    mcb New Member

    I think it is whatever you are moat comfortable with.
    I normally carry a Glock 27 or Colt Commander one is usually with me when I'm awake.
    For the things that go bump in the night I have a S&W 686 by the bed for quick access, and a Mossberg 500 mounted inside the closet if I have time.
    I had an attempted break in several years ago. I confronted someone trying to open my kitchen window. I had a Winchester M 12 pointed his way, fastest I've ever seen someone run.
    After that I started to practice in low light, you'll be amazed at the noise and flash a 12 g or 357 will make in a dark enclosed area.
  18. BlueTurf

    BlueTurf New Member

    The gun you are most familiar, comfortable and proficient with is the right one for home defense. Can it be any simpler than this?
  19. Tackleberry1

    Tackleberry1 New Member


    Personally I like a Remington 870 12 Guage shot gun but opinions are like...

    Sure you know the rest of that line.

    Use what works for you and don't worry about the "water cooler commando".

    Those who speak in absolute term usually know absolutely nothing.

  20. robocop10mm

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    His way of thinking is that the semi-auto pistol is unsafe to store with a loaded chamber and a revolver is only safe with an empty charge hole under the hammer. How old is this person? Has he been asleep in a cave for the last 100 years? His understanding of firearms design and construction is several generations behind.

    The revolver has the benefit of shooting a generally higher powered ammo. The semi-auto pistol has the benefit of higher capacity. That is all.