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    Dear GunVoter;
    We have two important items for you today:
    1. Election of NRA Directors is underway and we have posted, and are
    collecting, information about the candidates and are inviting comments,
    questions, and general input from our members. I hope you'll get involved.
    2. Free @GunVoter email address!
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    only have to make at least 40 posts. We do ask that these be contributory
    posts, not just "bumps" or "I agree" type posts.
    Stop by - Index page today and start posting information, asking
    questions, and questioning answers. Along with NRA Board elections,
    Primary Elections are underway in most states and GunVoters need to be
    involved so we need as much information and discussion as we can get.
    For those of you who are already ranked at "Senior Boarder" or higher,
    Thank You for your participation. Just drop me or Chris a private message
    with your preferred address and the address you want mail
    routed to and we'll get your new address up and running in no time.
    If GunVoters get busy we can take this country back in November.
    I look forward to hearing from you at - Index page.
    Yours for the Second Amendment,
    Jeff Knox

    Thanks for being a GunVoter.