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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by uncle kevin, May 2, 2009.

  1. uncle kevin

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    hi boys

    i am just wondering for a good first time project what is a gun that is cheap to build not to complicated for a machinist to make

    obviously when making your first project you dont want something to complicated and inexpensive and as only semi basic tools are on hand
    what are the best books to read ?

    thanx heaps for your help
  2. dnthmn2004

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    Are you talking about building a gun from blocks of steel and aluminum with a CNC machine? or buying the individual parts of a complete firearm and assembling it?

    This looks like something a little more complicated than a beginner should start with, but it would be a great challenge.

  3. uncle kevin

    uncle kevin New Member


    well this i am unsure of as gun laws are a little tight thanks to my predecessor in oz but im thinking of maybe if it were to be more manual labor it would be along the lines of a shottie or

    if ti were to be brought in bits and made something a bit more difficult
  4. c3shooter

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    Kevin- to a certain extent, my suggestions would be guided by WHERE ARE YOU?

    The term "shottie" and the GSTQ line suggest you may be a countryman of my lady- A West Country lass. IF you are in the UK, then question is not just "what can you build"- it is "what can you build that they will let you keep".

    If you are in the US, there are a couple of routes- in order of difficulty
    A. Start with a billet of metal. Remove everything that does not look like a gun
    B. Purchase a rough, unfinished receiver. Do the final machining and fitting, add off the shelf parts.
    C. Purchase a bare but complete receiver, add off the shelf parts

    Among the most commonly "home built" are probably the AR style rifles, the AK style rifles, and the 1911 style pistols. Simply due to the broad availability of parts. forum has a whole section on building your own.

    For a first effort, that is likely legal in MOST countries, I would suggest another route that is fairly inexpensive- get a kit for a muzzle-loading rifle. Relatively cheap. relatively unregulated, and gives you some experience in metal and wood working, fitting of parts, and does not require a Bridgeport Miller, a lathe or a CNC machine. Hand tools.
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    I did a little searching and I see you are from Australia the land down under, I remember some one telling me that your gov. restricted your guns. So what are you allowed to have? I think you are restricted to rimfire & centerfire in single shot or bolt action. Boy that is some tuff laws. Good Luck building. Here is where I found them.
    Gun politics in Australia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia