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  1. DarkReaperUSMC8469

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    I am a disabled OIF combat Marine looking for the best regarded gun smithing schools/courses in the Northren Washington state area. Unfortunately the only courses I have found are online and am worried about them being reputable and teaching what needs to be known. Any info any of you could provide would be much appreciated. Thanks
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    This is actually being discussed in another thread. I believe there are 3 or 4 brick and mortar schools in the country. The only one I know of is in Pennsylvania. As far as online schools go Penn foster has a decent cheap starter program that gives a knowledge base only. Sonoran desert institute offers a great program with some hands on work and an associates in firearms tech if you choose to continue. The rest of the programs range from a joke to a scam.

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    Lassen community college 2 year gunsmithing program in northern California. That's the closest to you that I know of.