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    i would really like to hear from gunsmithers on how you got into it and what is all involved in building your own firearm.
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    A great resource, with great videos and whatnot is the AGI's website

    Check it out.

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    The name escapes me but there is a massive gun smithing forum as well.
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    Hmmm. Set the Wayback, Sherman!

    Guess it was back in '94 when I "got a clue". The premise being that they couldn't ban what they didn't know about! Started out "easy" with a FAL, then a 1911, then a 1919A4, then a DShK...get the idea?

    My tooling isn't all that elaborate, but the array of tools seems to expand each time a new project is started!:D Still holding out for a (cheap) West Bend lathe! Have had no formal machinist training other than The College of Hard Knocks.

    Right now the shop contains a benchtop mill (R8 shanks), heavy 10" vise, 20-ton press, assorted files, punches, hammers, TIG rig, blast cabinet, compressor, park tank, and LOTS of shelves, bins, racks, and drawers! The shop has peg-board on every wall - and they are FULL of stuff!

    And lets not forget the obligatory DREMEL! About the only tool in any shop that can destroy as easily as create!

    And a couple of nice bigs safes to put the finished items in.

    To build any gun the one thing you MUST have are blueprints/drawings AND the latest copy of the BATFe regs - read it and understand it(which is a big stretch for anyone!).

    Before I go any further, let me make the distinction (my own opinion) between ASSEMBLING and BUILDING. One assembles a gun using parts already made - including the receiver. This would be FALs, ARs in some instances, and the like. With these all the "hard work" is already done. Building, otoh, entails making or modifying parts, and making or rebuilding the receiver.

    Example: You can assemble an AK using all "store bought" items, OR you can build an AK by making your own receiver (not those putrid flats everyone sells!), and making/modifying your parts - within reason of course.

    Anyhoo, the things you cannot skimp on are: Dial Calipers, headspace gauges, and...METAL.

    You might get away with using some elcheapo stuff from TSC, but you'll quickly learn to appreciate craftsmanship and a job well done. Yes quality metal will cost more - sometimes as much as three times the cost of the cheap stuff, but it will last much longer and hold its finished appearance (low carbon steel won't hold a blue worth a darn). The metal of choice is ASTM 4130 and 4140. Each has its own properties, both are heat-treatable, and are hard as "nails".

    Will continue as time allows - until then!
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    Machine tools and so forth

    Im a machine tool repair tech, and tend to be something of a Master Scrounger. If anyone needs tooling, machine tools and so forth..drop me an email..or post a request here..and Ill see what I can do for you. Ive a pretty good world wide network of buddies and clients, and can often find complete machines, fixeruppers and parts . Im fairly well known in the industry...infamous probably...a regular poster on rec.crafts.metalworking and misc.survivalism. Id be happy to help.
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    My pins are stuck...HELP!! AR-15 question.

    I have a question regarding a AR-15 rifle. I am trying to install a new quad rail. In doing so the front site post must be removed, but I can not drive out the two tappered pins that lock it onto the barrel. I have ben hammering on them to no avail. I realize they must br driven out from the small end, but still no result. Stuck like a mother! Anyone have a clue why these bastads won't budge? :confused:
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    A little Kroils, and a punch and hammer, and driving them the right direction first (left to right) makes it an easy proposition. If you have beat the **** out of them from the wrong direction, then it will be harder, to say the least.

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    :eek: If you have beat the **** out of them from the wrong direction, then it will be harder, to say the least.

    This is just about what you would expect from a "gunsmith" who creates a right hand eject AR15 from a left hand one.

    If you think it isn't possible...think again, I got one from a "gunsmith" who refuses to fix that issue, let alone the work I sent him to fix.:mad: :mad: