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    My current situation was that i was a full time machinist. With certificates in tool n die making, manual machining, cnc machining n programing. With my bachelors degree in applied science. My dream was to take over my dads family machine n welding shop but being we already have many cnc n laths n mills we figured why not add a branch to the company
    But this last summer i had problems n gave had 4 major back surgeries n many other operations. So ive got a amazing " tool set " n have always had a knack for guns. Im looking for a program or school, but i would prefer it to b a hands on course n not a online stay at home.
    Any advice pls help
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    What state do you live in sir?

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    I personally am a graduate of Colorado School of Trades. Your machinist skill will come in very handy. You spend 95% of the time working on machines (lathe, mill, welding equip, C & C machines and all the handtools/specialize firearms fixtures that you can think of). They offer side classes & Armorers Courses taught by Factory reps. ie Glock, Mossberg, Colt, Remington & Beretta...
    They just got there C&C machines. I was thinking about going back there and take that portion as they didn't have that there yet. I think they just built a new shop. Trinidad Colorado offers a hands on course also. The only draw back was that I'm older than most other students. I had little tolerance of their drama but the school keeps the horsing around to a minimun. There were about any mix of race, sexes, ages and even countries. I had an Aussie in my class. The youngest was 17 going on 18 to 65yrs old. It wasn't easy but allot of hands on experience. The Colorado School of Trades located in Lakewood, Colorado, was established in 1947 and began by teaching students how to repair, assemble and customize firearms.
    Address: 1575 Hoyt St, Lakewood, CO 80215
    Phone: (303) 233-4697
    Drop me a line if you have any question?