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    Hey guys just need some info i live in texas about 100 miles north of houston and i really wanna go to gunsmith school (its my dream) but dont know were the best one is and have no idea what it costs and if i can possibly get a grant for it
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    Shooter, I am going to be very biased here. I am a gunsmithing instructor at Murray State College, we are located in southern oklahoma. First off, there are no cheap schools, and I can only speak to the quality of the education we provide, I cannot speak about the other schools. Our curriculum runs the full range of gunsmithing, from general repair to CNC production and prototype, to full custom metal and stock work. Give us a call and we can provide more info, we also offer out of state tuition waivers. We are still taking applications for this fall, we do not work on first come first served, we interview every applicant and base our selection almost solely on the interview. Currently we have enough applications turned in that we could fill the program for the next few years. We will stop taking applications March 1. We will make our selection in May. Contact the School for more info. 580-371-2371


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    Chad, welcome to the FTF! We have an "Introductions" area. And if you get a couple of seconds, stop by and say "Hi".
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    My smith went to one in Susanville Ca. There is also another good one in CO somewhere.
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    Gunnut, I can fill you in on those schools you mentioned.

    The first one is Lassen Community College and the second is Trinidad State Junior College.

    Please don't get me wrong for what I'm about to say, because I am judging the school, NOT your gunsmith.

    Lassen Gunsmithing IS A JOKE.

    I'm saying this because I am a former student of the lassen gunsmithing program. I know some gunsmiths who have graduated from there and are truly great gunsmiths. But the teachers there will only waste your time and money.