GUNSHOW TAMPA! PMR 30 KSG 6920 10/22 Mosin PS90

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    Florida State Fairgrounds
    PH. (800) 345-3247

    4800 U.S. Highway 301 N.
    Tampa, FL 33610
    HOURS: Sat 9am - 5pm | Sun 9am - 4pm

    Adults $9.00 or spend 100 and we will get your door fee.
    (12 & under)
    All person under 18
    years of age must be
    accompanied by an adult.

    Note: We do not accept credit cards, we only take cash. An ATM is available on premises.

    Tampa Gun Show
    The Tampa Gun Show is a favorite for local gun collectors, hunters, and enthusiast. Dealers and private collectors from across the state of Florida exhibit at this show. You'll find a huge selection of guns, accessories, and many hard to find items. Make sure you do not miss the next Suncoast Gun Show coming to the Florida State Fairgrounds. See the schedule above for show dates.

    You are permitted to bring a gun(s) into the show for the purpose of appraisal, sale, trade or for accessories. We have a security man who will check it and then secure it with a plastic tie strap that will prohibit the gun from firing. You MUST make sure the gun is unloaded prior to entering the show and also empty any loaded magazines and leave the ammunition in your vehicle. Even, if you are a concealed weapon permit holder! Safety is our number one priority and we have a zero tolerance policy. You will be immediately ejected should you break this rule.