GUNSHOW! ORLANDO! PMR30! 6920! 10/22! 22ammo 5.7!

Discussion in 'Gun Shows' started by sharkcoasttactical, Nov 25, 2013.

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    Shark Coast Tactical willl be at the New Orlando Gun Show this weekend.

    Hey Now! There is a new Gun Show over in Orlando this weekend. It is not the one held at the fairgrounds. Its held at the Majestic off of 50 and John Young Parkway. Its only 5 bucks, the food is going to be inexpensive, and the parking is free. The promoters are really cool and trying to make it the most enjoyable gun show to attend. They are giving the vendors free coffee and soda all weekend and a vendor appreciation thing on with free food and drinks on Saturday night. (unheard of) Should be a good time. $5 Admission! All children under 12 years old are free! FREE PARKING! November 30th & December 1st Sat. 9 - 5 & Sun 9 - 4 A new event with 200 Tables in 18,000 SF. Indoor food concession area. In The MAJESTIC Event & Banquet Center at the corner of John Young Pkwy & Hwy 50.

    Stuff we will have:

    Colt 6920s in FDE

    Colt 6920s

    SCT Ars made by TWS

    Saiga 12s

    M+M AKs

    DPMS AR-10s

    S&W Sports Ars

    PMR 30s


    5.7 ammo




    Micro Dracos

    Dracos regular



    All kinds of AKS


    Come on out!
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    I have a question. Why would you compete the new show with the old show? The old show still has Shoot Straight, which still pretty much sets the gun prices, which will cut down your attendance. Why wouldn't it be another weekend?

    I went to the old show, and in fact crowds were down some, but they are still people you might not get. On another week end you might get them.

    I will try to get over tomorrow and see the new show. If I can do so I will stop in and say hello.

    I hope you do well there.

  3. JTJ

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    I would like to see an RMR30.