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  1. generic

    generic New Member

    I'm trying to find a quality pistol (semi-auto if possible) as a primary personal defense weapon. I'm not so concerned about price as I am the quality of the weapon. The kind of last defense weapon you'd want in a SHTF situation.

    I've been eyeballing the H&K Mark23 because it's the civilian model of the US special forces handgun of choice. But from reading the forums I notice a lot of people's sigs mention the 1911 (some with near reverence).

    But I'm still too new to guns to be a very good judge of quality/dependability, and I can't trust advertising to be honest, so I thought I'd ask you all what you'd stake your lives on.

    (And just to note: I do intend to take the advice of a lot of you in here and get some type of light .22 pistol first to train on, But a .22 isn't what I want to have on me if the worst happens.)
  2. hunter Joe

    hunter Joe New Member

    IMO a revolver is the most dependable action.

  3. skullcrusher

    skullcrusher New Member

    +1 Joe, quoted for truth.
  4. CA357

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    The revolver is pretty much the never fail handgun. But like all machinery, it can fail as well. The idea is to stack the odds in your favor.

    The reverence you see about the 1911 is deserved, but some may take some tuning or tweaking to be perfect. It is a 100+ year old design that has stood the test of time. There are other pistol designs out there that are just as good, if not better. But there is no pistol like a 1911.
  5. General_lee

    General_lee New Member

    The 1911 is a great pistol, they feel great in my hand, the single action trigger is sweet and atleast with the steel frame, theres not much recoil.
    Having said that, the only drawback to a 1911 that I can think of is most only hold 7 or 8 rounds, although 10 rd mags are available.
    I'm not really worried about ammo capacity as i carry mine in a shoulder rig with three 8 rd mags.
    If the 1911 isn't your thing and you want more ammo capacity, then I would recommend something like a Springfield XD .45...14 rounds of pure .45 stopping power.
    Recoil will be a little more with the polymer framed XD, but still not bad.
  6. jimbobpissypants

    jimbobpissypants New Member

    I agree that a quality revolver is the most reliable and idiot proof. The disadvantage to a revolver is capacity.
    Of my personal handguns, I would choose: Any one of my Sigs, or my Colt Defender. I have had no issues from these guns, and consider them extremely reliable.
  7. gilfo

    gilfo Member

    I swear by my 2 CZ's. Rami sub compact and 75 Compact. I also think Glocks are sure thing.
  8. hillbilly68

    hillbilly68 New Member

    Kimber 1911 if you are looking for a pistol. Ruger GP 100 if you want an absolutely bomb proof revolver (although not a great choice for CCW unless you are built like bigfoot).

    BILLYBOB44 Active Member

    Both are good.

    In a wheel gun- S&W L frame/Ruger GP-100. In a semi-auto-NAME brand 1911 in .45acp.== I have trusted my life to both designs.:)
  10. Shihan

    Shihan Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    Consensus so far Ruger GP100. Now go out and get one.
  11. sweeper22

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    I'll swear by two models that I own : Sig p226 & CZ 75b. Both are full-size guns and neither is ideal for concealed carry.

    I'm very satisfied with these pistols and only bought them after a great deal of research which included essentially asking a very similar question to what you're asking now. But that's my own taste. I like 1911's too, just didn't see that as an ideal launching point. That'll probably be my next progression. Many of the more seasoned shooters prefer 1911s, and that's an endorsement worth recognizing.

    There are plenty of quality guns out there. A GP100 (or SW) .357/.38 is also a great launching point...though .357mag rounds are tough to come by at times.

    SHTF senario (since you mention it), I want three guns:

    1) Shotgun- A simple 12g pump action will do just fine. Mossberg 500/Rem 870...$300 gun that can both defend and hunt.

    2) Tactical Rifle- AR15 seems ideal, 7.62x39 (AK/SKS) and .308 alternatives are also very practical. Again, these can both defend and hunt.

    3) Pistol- 9mm/40sw polymer pistol. I know, that rules out 1911s. Sorry, maybe it's my own ignorance or limited experience. I like 1911s and actually niether own nor prefer polymer pistols. But this much is true: a good Glock/M&P/XD is an exceptionally lightweight, reliable, and most importantly low maintainance and durable handgun. They'll stand up to neglect and abuse like no other. And 9mm and 40sw are the two most easily acquired calibers. These are utilitarian guns above all else...and IMO, utility has its value in these circumstances.

    HK MK23? I have no doubt it's a quality product, but it seems a little over the top...and difficult to conceal, should that be an issue. HKs cost 50-100% (200-300% for MK23) more than their XD/Glock/MP/FN counterparts, and it's hard to buy that they're worth it.
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  12. boatme98

    boatme98 Well-Known Member

    1. Sig
    2. Sig
    3. Sig, if in doubt, see #1
  13. MoHawk

    MoHawk New Member

    Walther P22 as a last ditch try to stay alive and you have fired all other rounds. And a SA XD45.
  14. wb_carpenter

    wb_carpenter New Member

    see your p22 and raise you a buckmark :D
  15. Viking

    Viking Well-Known Member

    If I had one choice of a weapon to carry after the SHTF I'd have to say my Redhawk 44 mag, it has taken down the greatest portion of venison I've shot over the years and if it can do what it does to a wild animal I'm sure the BG would fare no better. The only thing is that large amounts of .44 mag ammo are rather heavy to carry around. That's why I like my .40 cal. pistols with their high cap magazines. XDm with four 16 round magazines would be great if I was surrounded by a bunch of BG's and the Stoeger with two 11 round mags is my present ccw. As to swearing by either of those, I've not fired enough rounds through them. I've only had one stacked shell in the XDm and I know it was because I limp wristed it. The Redhawk has NEVER failed to fire in the approx. 25 years I've owned it.
  16. Louisville

    Louisville New Member

    Yeah, and in my opinion we need to go back to the MEUSOC pistol. Couldnt stand the MK23.
  17. jbshoots

    jbshoots New Member

    i would vote for my Ruger Security Six .357 mag with hogue monogrip.

    the "six" series (security six, speed six, and police service six) were the big Ruger .357s before the gp100 that the above posters are talking about.

    here's mine:


    and here's what i did last time i went to the range,

    from 15 yards using .38 special rounds:


    same distance with .357 mag rounds:


    strong as a tank, plenty of power, and the dependability of a revolver. i would swear by mine.
  18. spittinfire

    spittinfire Active Member Supporter

    If you are going wheelgun, Ruger SP101 or GP100. Semi auto I'm going with my Kimber or XD. The XD only wins in SHTF situations because it requires no tools for break down. I would trust my life to either of these.
  19. NGIB

    NGIB New Member

    I have quite a few handguns and I trust them all - I will not keep a gun that I don't trust. This being said, my 2 primary home defense guns are a S&W 686+ .357 and an XD .45 Compact...
  20. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Well-Known Member

    1+ to Billybob. A good .357 revolver is the closest thing you can get to the "idiot proof" handgun. By that I mean it's extremely simple to operate (still need training regardless of what you choose),
    usually very accurate (more so than you or I),
    perhaps THE most versatile handgun in existence
    recoil is very controllable,
    grips are as easy to change as anything out there (my favorite is Hogue),
    fairly cheap to shoot when practicing with .38s,
    and ammo is easy to find-both .38 & .357.

    As to the 1911, to me it's the king of semiautos. It also is simple to operate with proper training,
    the most proven pistol of all time,
    extremely reliable,
    proven "manstopper" capabilities,
    low amount of felt recoil (to me),
    grips are easily changed to fit YOUR hands,
    and the 1911 has (to me) natural pointability- unmatched by any other design. I bought a Taurus 1911 and to date it hasn't malfunctioned in any way, as well as the 1911s I've built and owned/shot.