Guns to Buy in Fear of Ban

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  1. Shooter

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    Let's say we get a Democrat in office, shudder at the thought, what semi-autos do you feel would have the most value spike post ban?
  2. AR Hammer

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    Supposed we get another mental turnip in office like the last 7ish years?
    Now that your great grand kids will be paying off the 'War' that is benefiting no one but big oil...

    As for 'Ban' there is no such thing in this country.

    To truly 'Ban' a particular type of weapon, you would first have to be an expert in the subject...
    And as we all know, there are no 'Experts' on anything in elected offices.

    All the legislation is written by special interest groups, and written to benefit those special interest groups...
    There is no money in a 'Ban' of anything in commerce, so the real experts will stay out of it. Just like the last 'Ban'...

    It will be just like the 'Assault Weapons Ban' of '94.
    Temporary (10 years) and was cosmetic.

    So instead of any particular firearm type, since Saga and the other AK clones will still be legal,
    And since the AR clones will find a way around the 'Ban', there really isn't a problem...

    You should stock up on really super high capacity mags, like the 90 round drums, ect.
    The 20 and 30 round mags (I rarely use) weren't really affected in the last 'Ban' since everyone stocked up.
    All they really did was drive up the price of folding stocks, and gave anyone holding a sock pile of large cap mags a real windfall...

    I didn't have any problem with that 'Assault Weapons Ban'.
    Prices went up on some particular types of mags, stocks and muzzle appendages, but all that was easily side stepped...
    So my 30 round AR mags came from England instead of Taiwan or China.
    ...Turned out they were better quality anyway since they were real military issue and well worth the extra $3 they cost.

    What you are completely missing is,
    No insurgency in an occupied country or territory has won because of superior firepower...
    Insurgents are guerrilla forces by definition and action, so ambush is the name of the game.
    Sniping and ambush 'shoot & scoot' is the name of the game.
    Take a long hard look at Viet-Nam '63-'74, Afghanistan '79-'89, and you will find your model for defeating even a superpower, and they were done with rifles just this side of bows and arrows...
    Remember, not may modern wars last more than 10 years.
    If you can hold out & resist under occupation for 10 years, you seem to win by default...

    Afghans were actually MAKING their own rifles and black powder from scratch in the beginning of the Soviet occupation, until they could collect enough battle field pickup, The turn of the century British .303 was considered THE rifle to have before they started acquiring battle field pickup and American CIA started pumping large stockpiles of SKS & AK's purchased from 3rd parties in the region.
    The Viet Cong often used simple bamboo spikes, bows and arrows, ect. against the French/UN and later American forces. No matter what you see in the Rambo movies, most of the rifles used by Guerrilla forces in Viet-Nam were WW II bolt rifles until very late in the war when the Soviets & Chinese supplied large quantities of SKS & AK variants.
    You would be amazed how many causalities were inflicted with he WW I Carcano rifles during the French occupation of Viet-Nam...

    During WW II, more German/Italian troops were lost to single shot 'Liberators' and hunting rifles/shotguns before the Allied invasion on 'D Day' than the combined French and British armies inflicted in the proceeding years of invasion/occupation.

    You should be asking what chemicals/powders/components you should be stockpiling and how to stock pile those for long term storage...
    What 'Common Calibers' of firearms you should concern yourself with...

    Specialize in 'Weapons Systems'...
    If you are storing/stockpiling 9MM Para bullets and components, then you should concentrate on 9MM cal weapons, and try to keep them in the same family so parts will interchange...

    Find out what like minded people in your area are buying and do the same, so your parts and ammo will interchange, and in the event of national emergency, your ammo, firearms & parts are currency, worth more because they are in demand.

    If I were going to bet on a 'Gun Ban' this time around,
    (and this country is so fickle and misinformed I'm not going to bet on anything!)
    I'd bet semi auto hunting rifles in high calibers are going to come through with out a problem.

    I'd bet shot guns and shot gun ammo is going to come through unscathed.

    I'd bet the AK-47 and clones are going to take a beating because it's the national symbol of Iraq right now.
    (Knee jerk, right wing, bible thumping house wives have begun to be able to identify the AK & clones,
    Somewhat from the legitimate news, but mostly from the church pumped out crap.

    I'd bet the latest round of school shootings are going to give the 'Anti-Gun', suburbanite, 'Militant Mommy Squad' voting block a boost.
    You know the ones, that still use 'Saturday Night Special' as a battle cry...

    The AR may actually get a boost from the 'War For Oil Rights' since it's seen as a high tech friend of the American soldier that is underpowered and there for is perceived as 'Safer' than the AK clones...
    But I'm sure if there is a blanket 'Assault Weapons Ban' again the AR will take a hit along with any other type of 'Military' or 'Black' firearm.

    I actually picked up about 70 AK drums at the Machine Gun Shoot this weekend because they were VERY cheap ($35 each in some booths, up to $150 in others for the very same Romanian drums) because I think the RepubLiars don't have a chance, the DemoCraps will wind up the the oval office...
    And I'm hoping my 'Investments' will appreciate considerably...
    Like my delta drums & 'Pre Ban' AR lowers did during the last cosmetic parts ban...

    I'm thinking the comedian (his name escapes me now) may be correct...

    If you paint firearms pink and hang ribbons on them, women will deem them 'Decorative'...
    Which is more useful in a woman's world than home defense and putting food on the table!

    (although most firearms won't be used for either purpose...)
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  3. matt g

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    I've got an M1A on order. They're on next years ban list for Cali.
  4. bkt

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    You're being very charitable in assuming leftist politicians would grandfather in firearms currently owned by law-abiding citizens.

    Assuming you're right, I'll answer "all of them". When buying, do face-to-face transactions (keeping it legal, of course) where there is no paperwork involved. Buy ammo, too, because there are many legislators trying to draft laws banning it. Also, buy parts that wear and fail over time like springs, firing pins, whatever.

    In New York, they're trying to ban all .50 cal firearms including muzzle loaders because they're considered "sniper rifles". Anything with a barrel shroud, bayonet lug, pistol grip, removable magazine, collapsible stock, threaded barrel, flash hider, etc. is deemed too dangerous and should be banned outright or severely limited. In New York, the Federal ban that expired in '94 is still with us permanently.
  5. allmons

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    All weapon restrictions are illegal and offensive!

    I would stock up on military credible firearms, and TONS of ammo. As bkt said, spare parts, mags and roll your own components. Be aware that we can get .223 and weapons from the occupiers if the SHTF.

    If you are of a mind, I would recommend buying all the armor piercing ammo you can find in any caliber.

    And, most importantly, all the high cap mags you can afford.

  6. Chuck

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    With one notable exception, the current batch of Goopers are no better.
  7. dnthmn2004

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    I think youve watched too many zombie movies.
  8. Righteous

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    buy anything that dont look like a normal hunting rifle aka:military
  9. RL357Mag

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    Contraray to what some believe, the '94 ban DID have a very debilitating effect on your right to own certain guns. Right before the ban went into effect I was at a gun show and almost bought a Norinco SKS, new in the box with sling & oiler, for $79. I thought to myself "what do I need that POS for?" So I didn't buy it, I bought an FR-8 instead for twice the price. Two weeks later, after the ban, I wasn't allowed to own an SKS. My brother downstate was now required to register his AR-15 or risk having it confiscated. So, while I do now have my SKS ( which now cost me $219, but it's a Yugo) and two AR-15's, there is no guarantee that they will not be taken away, or an attempt made to take them away. You may spend a lot of money (like I did) only to find yourself with weapons that you can no longer legally shoot, unless you have your own range, like me... now I will focus on stocking up on ammunition and powder, bullets, primers, and brass. And if the **** REALLY hits the fan, I am an avid muzzleloader and just as accurate at 100 yds with my .50 & .58 cal. front-stuffers as I am with any centerfire gun. I would rather be hit by an FMJ than a 325 gr conical bullet going at slow speed.
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  10. h&k bigdaddydieseldan

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    Any military arms that you can afford ar15's,ak47,m1 garands are just a few examples :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  11. Ruger Redhawk

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    I made it through the last AWB even though it was BS from the get go.I have enough stuff already and if another permanent or temporary ban comes around I'll get by.I've never been in to AK's and alike. Closest I have is a Ruger Mini 14. I have 3 or 4 Factory 30rnd mags and a half dozen Factory 20's.I have some hi cap mags for some of my pistols.
    I'm not saying it won't happen again or can't but I'm not going to run around in a panic.
  12. poolshark13

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    even if a democrat gets elected, how likely is it that they will be successful in making a full on weapons ban? kathleen sebelius (ks, democrat), just made machine guns, sawed off shotguns, and silencers legal. not all democrats are anti gun, and not all republicans are pro gun. it comes down to personal stances on issues. and a president wont be able to get the gun ban through, IMO, due to our system of checks and balances. feel free to banter with me if you feel i am misguided in my thoughts.
  13. bkt

    bkt New Member

    What you say is true, but a hard-core leftist Congress -- and it's pretty much there right now but may get worse after the election -- could resurrect the assault weapons ban and tack on a bunch of other provision. A leftist president is a problem because he or she wouldn't veto such a bill.
  14. ScottG

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    Instead of buying guns you think they will ban, perhaps we should buy guns they might not ban so we can supply our friends if necessary....
  15. yankee2500

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    RL357Mag and bkt and all the other members from NY I know your pain, I left my home of 50 plus years in Orchard Park, (20 mi. south of Buffalo), 5 years ago and moved to NC. Totally different world down here for gun ownership, for pistol purchase, go to local sheriffs office hand them your drivers liscense, they do a quick check and you can get 4 pistol purchase permits for $5 ea. Take the 8hr. carry course $50 pay $90 to the sheriff for the background checks, wait 60 to 90 days get your concieled carry permit. Open carry is permitted by anyone, and purchases from private sources are not recorded. No pistols listed on your CCW like NY. John
  16. poolshark13

    poolshark13 Guest

    excellent point. thats something that never crossed my mind. if they did try to resurrect the assault weapons ban, how would that affect everyone that already has those guns?


    After the Heller decision I don't see it happening (frankly, I'm surprised that Commiefornia's laws have not been challenged yet). But if it did, I seriously doubt that they would make it retroactive. They would have to do what they did with the NFA, don't ban it, just write it into the tax code. Taxes- the way the lefties skirt 2A.
  18. JWIII

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    I hear that the BMG's are the next target. I'm looking to get one of the Cobb/Bushmaster BA50s in the near future. I hope they will still be available...?
  19. dunerunner

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    Affraid that we may be in line for what happened in Australia? I'd buy anything I could get without paper but legally. My favorites would be anything 9mm Nato, 308, .223. After that, it's up to you as if the SHTF, the ammo you have is the ammo you have for anything that cannot be gotten from the opposition.
  20. RL357Mag

    RL357Mag New Member

    Ammo - buy plenty of ammo! If you reload buy brass. primers, & powder. Anything on the books is a legitimate target for confiscation. A new law is being considered to make it a crime NOT to report a stolen gun. It seems they are covering ALL bases in anticipation of a UN sponsored, Obama supported global gun ban.