GUNS/Shark Coast Tactical Pt. Charlotte FL

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    Shark Coast Tactical will be exhibiting at the 2 Guys Gun Show in Pt Charlotte this weekend.

    Contact us if you need anything and we will get ya webprices for the show.
    Stuff we will have for sale: Olympic Ars with quad rails
    S&W Ars
    Delton Ars
    Tactical Shotguns
    Ak-47 PAPs
    AK47s underfolders
    C93 Sporter
    Mosin Spam Can Deals
    Ruger 10/22 tactical packages
    GSG SD5
    AK-74 w slide folders
    Keltecs 9mm
    conceal carrys
    Taurus 380s
    Kahr CW45s
    Taurus 24/7s
    EAA 357s
    SCCY 9mms
    GSG 1911 22s

    Cute girls doing background checks


    Come see us.