guns i.d. help!

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  1. AngryBadger

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    hi there all. ma inherited some guns but we won't get to see them till summer but we received a couple pics of them and so i thought i'd drop by an see anyun here can i.d. them. i like my guns but i ain't no expert on 'em. thanks


  2. hawkchucker

    hawkchucker New Member

    OK Ill Give it a guess
    Top some sort of air rifle
    2nd No Clue but would guess old Savage.
    3rd Single shot shotgun but dont think it is a H&R
    4th Winchester no clue what cal. my guess .22
    5th Old Savage forget the model, but looks like 22 over 410

  3. freefall

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    Bottom looks like a Savage 24C, 22 over 20 ga. Next up looks like Winchester 94/22. Middle looks like Savage 20 ga, I forget model#. I'm ashamed to say I can't identify that bolt action, someone will soon from the checkering pattern. Top long gun looks like an underlever Chinee air rifle I bought for about $20. Handgun looks like a Ruger Single Six. Have fun.
  4. 30-30remchester

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    The second long gun from the top, with the scope and slip on recoil pad is a pre-64 Winchester model 70 built after 1952. The single barrel shotgun underneath the model 70 is harder to id without close ups but it sure appears to be a Winchester model 37. The lever gun is a Winchester model 9422 known as a second model. Last is a Savage model 24. If you need more imfo on the model 70 pm me as I research and study these.
  5. AngryBadger

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    ok so were gittin:
    1. ruger single six
    2. a older underlever pellet gun
    3. winchester 70
    4. winchester 37
    5. winchester 9422
    6. savage 24
    thanks all! from what i read there all good shootin guns. i really love the ol savage 24 good for all kinds of huntin
  6. M14sRock

    M14sRock Active Member

    The single shot in the middle is a Win M37.