Guns from our past (Well My Past)

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    Some of us had the fortune of growing up shooting I am trying to get my dad to send me some photos of the guns I shot growing up. Here is one my Grandfather loved it was his go to ground squirrel rifle. This is a M98 action with a hart barrel (May have been built by A.O Niedner as well). At the time he was buying powder in 50# kegs for .50 a pound. Yes he was paying the same amount of money for a 50# keg of powder as we are for a a 1# container. He was buying spent 30-06 brass and necking it down to 25-06 (25 Niedner). He was buying brass by the ammo crate, my dad still has 10 boxes (2'x2'x2') full of 308, 30-06 brass. It my not look like much now but it is deadly accurate an hell on CA Liberal Ground Squirrels.


    If you got some that you grew up with lets share them.

    Here is another shot of the 25 Niedner my grandfather had built. Never mind that Dork in the picture.

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    Is that a picture of your brother or something..... :p

    I don't have any pictures of the past, I bought my first gun in 2005.