Gunmaker building ‘super gun’ capable of shooting over 3,100 yards

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    TrackingPoint Technology, creators of Xact precision-guided firearm technology, wants to push the limit of long-range shooting. The company announced Wednesday that they are developing a “super gun” that will be able to shoot accurately over 3,100 yards, “farther than the longest confirmed long-range small arms shot of all time,” according to the release.
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    I saw their current technology demonstrated and it was quite easy to use. A few clicks to take readings and adjust, take the shot and it hits the target, as long as the target is reachable by the round. Distance did not seem to matter. I believe the current system runs around $24,000 for the basic system that mounts on top of your weapons platform like a scope.

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    Well, maybe I could just pay that british guy they mentioned that holds the record a few hundred bucks to take the shot for me. Way cheaper.