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    hey everybody who is your favorite gunfighter of all time, mine would be John Henry Holliday also known as DOC HOLLIDAY!
  2. KalashnikovJosh

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    John Wesley Hardin followed by Billy the Kid followed by Jesse James.

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    Ricky from trailer park boys lol jk
  4. winds-of-change

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    Annie Oakley.

    Bonnie Parker.
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    Probably Wyatt Earp, Doc is also close.
  6. Axxe55

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    Ed McGivern. though he wasn't a true gunfighter, i do believe his speed and accuracy wiith a revolver would have given any of them a run for their money!
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    I'll go w/ John Wesley Hardin, being that he is a distant relative. My mother's maiden name was Hardin.
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    @cottontop thats pretty cool.
  9. Donn

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    Carlos Hathcock, USMC, 93 confirmed kills.
    Chuck Mawhinney, USMC, 103 confirmed, 216 probable.
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    OK,if were going for more modern gunners:

    Simo "The White Death" Häyhä

    Finnish militiaman who fought in the Winter War.

    505 confirmed kills.

    In less then 100 days.

    In temperatures between −40 and −20 degrees Celsius.

    And if I recall correctly,he used a Mosin-Nagant M28/30- iron sights.
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    While Doc and Wyatt had a few close calls, my two favorites are my father-in-law (51 trips in the ball turret of a B-17) and my uncle who was with the 200th Costal Artillery, better known as the New Mexico boys. They were the first to fire of WW II. These brave boys fired the first shot of WWII after war was declared, left behind to hold the Japs in order to let the others escape to Battan.
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    Alvin York and Audie Murphy.

    One was a conscientious objector,the other was a scrappy little guy.

    You never know what you'll do when its time to fight,**** or hit the fence........
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    I have been a "fan" of Wild Bill Hickock since I lived next door to his great, great (possible another great in there) grandson Tyler.

    But over and above him is the GREAT John Herbert Dillinger! The man who stole only from the government and once told a working man, who was in a bank at the time cashing his paycheck, "we are here for the bank's money, not yours. That is yours, you earned that" and left the bank with only cash drawer money.

    A lot of misinformation surrounds the man, but even his great detractors agree that he was very generous in his purchases (both legitimate and otherwise) and he was a very big tipper. :cool:

  14. UKShootist

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    First Americans to fire in WW2, apart from the USA volunteers already fighting in Europe, where the war had been buzzing along quite nicely for a couple of years. Just saying, like. ;)
  15. St8LineGunsmith

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    1. Wild bill Hickok
    Legendary figure in the American Old West. His skills as a gunslinger and scout, along with his reputation as a lawman, provided the basis for his fame, in fictionalized legendary shootout films. He fought in the Union Army during the American Civil War, and gained publicity after the war as scout, marksman, and professional gambler. Between his law-enforcement duties and gambling, which easily overlapped, Hickok was involved in several notable shootouts, and was ultimately killed while playing poker in Deadwood Dakota Territory.

    2. Wyatt Earp
    An American gambler, investor, and law enforcement officer who served in several Western frontier towns. Also, he was at different times a farmer, a teamster, bouncer, a saloon-keeper, Miner, and boxing referee. He is best known for his role in the incident at Tombstone, Arizona on Fremont Street, along with Doc Holliday and two of his brothers, Virgil Earp and Morgan Earp. Famously known as one of the "toughest and deadliest Gunman of his day."

    3. Billy the Kid, Jesse James, and Butch Cassidy
    4. John Wesley Hardin
    5. Buffalo Bill Cody(talented gunshow Marksman)
    6. Tom Horn
    7. Jim "Killer" Miller ( also, supposed killer of Pat Garett)
    8. Dallas Stoudenmire and King Fisher
    9. Doc Holliday and Pat Garett
    10. William "Tulsa Jack" Blake
    Outlaw of the "Wild Bunch" Gang.
    11. Clay Allison, Ben Thompson, and Charlie Bassett
    12. Bat Masterson and Dan Bogan
    13 George Scarborough, Luke Short , Buck Garrett, and Jack Omuhundro.
    14. Henry Starr
    An American outlaw: specifically, a horse thief and train robber, who was the credited as the first outlaw to rid a car in a bank robbery. Famous as one of the first outlaws to become an actor in the silent film " A Debtor to the Law".
    15. Johnny Ringo and Morgan Earp
    16. Perry Owens ,Bob Olinger, and Dangerous Dan Tucker
    17. Scott Cooley and Harry Alonzo Longabaugh " The Sundance Kid "
    18. Bill Doolin and John Bull
    19. Jose Chavez y Chavez and Mart Duggan
    20. Bill Standifier
    21. Charlie Bowdre and George "Bittercreek" Newcomb
    23. Billy Breakenridge and Heck Thomas
    24. Doc Scurlock
    25. Shotgun John Collins, Charlie Storms, and Charley Pierce
    26. Texas Jack Vermillion
    27. Dave Rudabaugh
    28. Harvey Logan " Kid Curry"
    29. Tom " Black Jack" Ketchum
    30 Bill Brocious
    31. William "News" Carver
    32. Emmett Dalton
    33. Ben Kilpatrick (The Tall Texan)
    34. Tom Threepersons
    35. Cornelius Donahue and Frank McNab
    36. Pat Desmond
    37. Ike Clanton
    37. Jesse Evans

    Read more:
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    Over 50 names listed and Frank Eaton isn't among them? Please! The original "Pistol Pete" was reputed to be both faster and more accurate than either Cody or Hickok and was a recognized (and feared) shootist at the age of fifteen and was a US Marshal at the age of seventeen. He also lived to be ninety-seven years old; passing in 1958 in Perkins, Oklahoma.

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  17. KalashnikovJosh

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    Not trying to be a butthole or rag on your personal choices,but the whole picture of this man needs to be shown.

    He was a man who liked to hit from behind,clubbing people who dared to carry arms into the town of tombstone against his brother's (the law in Tombstone) wishes,and he was also a card cheat and an accused horse thief.

    He was also a pimp who ran brothels.

    Its also a fact that he was involved in more then one cold blooded killing where the victim was unarmed.

    I've read these facts on a few pages I've come across cause I like wild west gunslingers too,but heres a couple sources that just came up:

    IMHO,its no wonder that modern law enforcement -who love to enforce "gun control" "laws" as well as take advantage of the state sanctioned monopoly on the use of force granted them by their badges- also love Wyatt Earp.

    I'll always be in the Billy the Kid camp,because the Kid fought back against political corruption that cost him a good friend,and as the record shows,he NEVER attacked from behind,every man who died at his hand died knowing who killed him.
    Of course,it took a coward like federal marshal Pat Garret to shoot him in the back,in the dark,and whilst he was unarmed.(or so the story goes)

    Jesse James also was "good" but was portrayed as "bad".

    The union did some very horrible things in southern towns after the end of the civil war,and payback is a bitch.

    Jesse chose to exact that revenge by hitting the north where it counted- in the pocketbook,so he used the guerrilla tactics he'd employed in the war on northern banks.

    He was the scourge of carpetbaggers and the champion of the occupied south.

    And while I don't agree with the confederacies views on slavery (at all),I'm still southern till I fall.

    I'd take states rights over big powerful fedzilla any day.
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  18. St8LineGunsmith

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    I copied and pasted that from wiki answers and I agre 100% that Wyatt was not the most Law abiding person who carried a badge but there are a lot of bad cops Past and present who do not deserve to be employed as a LEO.
    and I am more a fan of Billy the kid and his regulators as well as Jessy James and his gang.
    I also agree that they are wrongfully portrayed as bad guys. I guess that depends on which side of the mason dixon a person was born.

    John Henry(Doc) Holiday is in my family tree would be I guess a cousin on my moms moms side. most people think he was a older man but he was only 36 years old when he died and he was actually a practicing dentist in Atlanta and after being diagnosed with consumption moved to Dallas Texas and started a practice there.
    I think that is where Wyatt Earp and Doc struck up their friendship Doc saved Wyatts life in Dodge City Kansas by shooting a man who was attempting to shoot Wyatt in the back.

    Dispite popular belief Wyatt was Not the towns Marshall He was only Deputized By his Brother Virgil when the violence of the cowboys just got too farout of hand. and really wanted nothing to do with being a Law man in Tombstone
    however he felt the violence the cowboys was administering had to be put to a stop and his brothers Virgil and Morgan was in desperate need of help so Doc and Waytt reluctantly signed on as deputy It was only after the ambush of his brothers and wives that he accepted the position of Marshall.
    The shootout at OK Coral never would have happened if the Clantons and McLaurys hadn't threatened to kill the Earp Brothers and Doc Holiday.
    Two months later the cowboys would once again reign terror in Tombstone
    by the ambush of virgil Earp and the murder of Morgan while he was shooting a game of billiards and the attempted murders of their wives.
  19. crossfire

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    You might be interested to know that "Doc" Holliday set up his dental practice in Dallas in what was later called Dealey Plaza; the site of another famous shooting.