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  1. glock619

    glock619 New Member

    Has anyone used this site to make a purchase? Is it legitimate? Did you find the purchasing experience easy, no major problems?
  2. NOVA

    NOVA New Member

    I bought a Ruger Super Redhawk and a Remington 700 BDL from this site. Each gun was offered by a highly rated seller. I paid a fair price to get what I wanted. No complaints.

  3. pawjr74

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    I used it for a purchase that was local. I won the bid on gunbroker but had the oportunity to go and pick up the product locally. I'm pretty sure it's legit though. Like all online deals you need to review the sellers feedback.
  4. Robbie762

    Robbie762 New Member

    I've purchased several off GunBroker. Lots of inflated prices on there, but watch close and you can run across some deal. I always try to buy from high rated sellers and from sellers who have had lots of sales
  5. DavidB

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    I use gunbroker all the time. I have over 30 transactions over the last 5 years, and only one bad experience, which was rectified fairly quickly by the seller. Be cautious of sellers with a NR next to their name, that means they are new and not yet rated. Also make sure your FFL is okay with everything first. Most FFL's don't want a surprise shipment showing up at their door, it's best if you have an established relationship with an FFL first. Happy bidding
  6. Chainfire

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    I too have made around 30 purchases on the site. Everyone was a positive experience. I only consider sales from sellers with high sales counts. They are making their living on the site and live or die by their reputations.

    Read the descriptions carefully, look at the photos carefully, if you have any questions, ask BEFORE you bid. Pay close attention to shipping costs, keeping in mind you may have to pay an FFL on your end to receive your purchase. Don't chase bids. Bid once, bid late, and bid the maximum you would be happy with getting the product. If you don't get it, move on.

    If you win, pay as quickly as possible. Leave feedback, either good or bad so others will see how the seller is doing.
  7. bobski

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    i had over 600 deals on gb. and after 11 years of being a loyal customer and dealer, i left. i was one of the first dealers on gb in 1999.
    they got too big and pushed the little private guy aside in favor for licensed gun dealers and higher prices.
    i wont transact with them anymore and its been almost 3 years now. one of the admin folks got a spur in his panties and went on a poofing spree locking and destroying anyones account who disagreed with him on his forums. just one comment would cost you your account with gb.
    so, im glad to be rid of them.
    great selection of guns, but if you look closely, theyre going the route of ebay little by little so you wont notice it.
    my biggest complaint with gb is they think they can control the market. instead of going to the bluebook, people go to gb to see what a guns worth. unfortunately, a lot of guns that are junk fetch high prices due to bidding wars...which doesnt reflect true value of a gun. the result everyone thinks their guns are worth more and starting prices go sky high. the trickle down effect means anywhere you go, all it takes is one click to gb and some guy with a clunker feels his gun is worth top dollar because (thats what its worth on gb)
    i prefer its been around longer and doesnt screw with peoples accounts.
    not as big a selection, but its privately owned by a retired navy vet, so i support him...unlike gb that has a 7 million dollar account with sponsors, that can afford to give them racing teams and half naked booth babes at the shot show.
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  8. Pistol_Pete

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    I second
  9. Dearhunter

    Dearhunter Supporting Member Supporter

    I have bought guns off and not had any problems, other than watching the prices carefully. I would use them again, on the right deal.
  10. GeneralPatton

    GeneralPatton New Member

    I've found that GB is a lot like eBay at this point. It's less about the customer, and more about the fees. Of course, most of the time you can contact the seller and talk to them. If you see something you like, then talk to the seller and buy it outside of the website. It'll save the seller a few bucks and he might pass that on to you if you ask. Of course, if you want a little security buying it through there gives you a paper trail. I've bought a few things on there, never sold anything there though. The prices of late have been quite inflated though. Good luck, and rest assured they are legit
  11. drvsafe

    drvsafe New Member

    I bought a few things off of Good stuff.