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    The first and last CZ centefire rifle I bought was a .458 Win Mag when their big safari gun line first came out. The receiver was machined wrong to the point that I had to shim the scope rings to even get the damn thing on paper. It was a well known issue with a run of receivers and yet CZ refused to take care of it. Sold it to someone that didn’t want to scope the gun and have not bought another CZ centerfire aince.
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    wow. im looking at the list of peoples guns and I gotta admit, I wouldn't even hold 99% of them let alone buy them.
    yet, even in my cautious state, I made a few lemon purchases and had to resort to (hot potato.)

    as long as this post is, im sure I posted a few earlier, but I just thought of a few more. pardon me if repeated myself.........

    1. the bernadelli 9mm semi auto 24" shotgun.
    it was a jam-o-matic.
    2. I never liked Winchester 1400's. of the 2 I owned, both started causing issues.
    3. this ought to turn heads....the ruger mk2. stupid takedown and lousy triggers.
    4. s&w 41. safety would engage when a good grip was established, but recoil would move your web up and engage the safety during tournaments. (you shouldn't have to grind a safety down on a 1000.00 gun.)
    5. any AR platform. totally overrated. and you aint changing my opinion. a mouse gun is a mouse gun.
    6. colt python. cant stand pulling back a cyl release button. a day at the range wears your thumb out.(s&w won the day for its design)
    7. glocks. case closed.
    8. savage stevens sbs's. you don't use phillip head screws on a gun rib. period. forearms would stay in my hand when gun recoiled up....and came off.
    9. high standard shotgun line up. (supermatics) cheap is cheap.
    10. any stevens crackshot. just plain torture.
    11. Remington 11-48. cracked stocks and forearms.
    12. browning double auto. cracked stocks and OMG recoil.
    13. the new Winchester sxp. I shot 3 by 3 different people in 3 different states and 3 times something broke.
    14. Mossberg 500. OMG...kick. when theyd heat up, theyd jam up. not good in desert heat (if ya know what I mean)
    15. s&w 16 in 32 mag. split the casings every time I shot it and would jam the cyl. $$$ ammo.
    16. s&w 29 44 mag. frame screws would always loosen.
    17. high standard double 9. just plain junk.
    18. beretta bm59. fancy looking 7.62 garand with a mag. looked cool, but nothing more than an old outdated service rifle. the accessories were weirder than the gun.
    19. (legal) mac-10. seems like they were made from tin. I was afraid to hold it.
    20. eig m-e15 22 repro of the colt peacemaker. cheap plastic grips would crack and bbl was alloy.
    21. breda semi 20ga skeet. kicked.
    22. benelli super 8 skeet 20ga. kicked.
    23. cosmi semi auto 12ga. worst kicking gun I ever owned. I don't care if they were rare and hand made. they were horrible.
    24. whitney wolverine 22. peace of junk.
    25. Mossberg brownie 4 shot. (sat night special at best.)
    26. s&w 1000 series shotguns. heat from hot gases would melt the gas piston.
    27. any beretta 300 series shotguns. too light and a pain to clean.

    there are more, just cant remember.
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    ok, I remember........

    28. savage 24v. plastic trigger guards? geesh...
    29. marlin 90. cracked stocks.
    30. Ithaca 51. same gas piston issue as the s&w 1000.
    31. safari arms 45. that stupid finger rest on the front strap caused blisters.
    32. high standard shadow shotgun. cheap alloy ribs and wood cracks.
    33. Oregon arms chipmunk 22. I don't know what I was thinking. got 2 of them. gave them away as kids gifts.
    34. Remington 58 20ga. horrible gun. period.
    35. star firestar 9mm. got it in on a rid of it. didn't want to be seen with it.
    36. savage 775. kick-o-matic.
    37. Remington 572bdl 22. jam-o-matic.
    38. daisy vL22. I don't know what I was thinking.
    39. colt thunderer 41cal. again...I must have been nuts.
    40. Winchester 100 308. junk. when I found out there was a recall, I had it fixed and sold it.
    41. para ord 14 shot 45. I just needed it for a job when I was in the military. nuff said. sold it when I left the teams.
    42. browning bpr 22. jam-o-matic.
    43. desert eagle 50 cal. got tired of scars on my forehead when the brass ejected.
    44. s&w 52. most accurate 38 semi auto I ever shot.....but my colt 38 super was better and didn't feel like holding a 2X4.
    45. colt series 80 combat elite. OMG kick.
    46. Winchester model 40. dangerous junk.
    47. Mossberg targo system. fun to collect, but when I was done....there it was. now what? sold it.
    48. glenfield model 60. jam-o-matic.
    49. hi standard 'dura'matic.........anything but.
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    Gee Mr. Bobski, maybe make a thread of guns you do actually like! :D
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    AMT Backup in .380.

    The only positive attribute was that it was as heavy as a brick so if I had to throw it at someone I could count on hurting them.

    A single shot pistol cleverly disguised as a semiautomatic.
    The only thing you could rely on was the certainty of it jamming after the first round.

    I couldn't even sell this pistol in good conscience. I ended up giving it to my ex-wife.
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    Mr. Bobski, part of me was being ironically humorous, and partly because I thought it would be a good idea for a thread. I'd be interested in seeing what you do like and why.

    now granted, I don't hold with your entire list, as I own some or have owned some on that list and have had excellent results with them over the years, but some, I do happen to agree with you on being junk, or problematic.
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    a thread like this is like asking people what kind of shoes they didn't like.
    its all subjective. because people are all different.
    and since 99% of all cyber'd'gook is rational type 'consensus wins' process of elimination type conservations when it come to a product these days....any data posted is 100% subject to debate and no real conclusion can be determined. im just dumping data.
    so, I am left to just posting it up and letting people deduct what they want.

    many know my background as a former world champ in the shotgun field. I got recognized, was invited to the olympic trials back in the 90's, and shot perry level, with that established, my list here is the result of a quest for perfection (for me) trial and error, ideas and failures...all brought me to the level of success I desired.....and it cost me a lot of mistakes and foolishness with gun purchases. some may not need to go the route i did, but im trying to establish the road isnt easy if you choose to. this knowledge peaked when I was in the seal teams. seals were always coming to me asking about different guns. sometimes id buy guns that the armory didn't have, just to have a platoon play with them at the local range knowing where they were going there would be some. (so they d be informed) get it? I knew guns so well, I was made an honorary armorer and held the small arms team capt position and rso with my team.
    this list doesn't even scratch the surface, because in many cases, some guns were just owned for a week and it would be gone.
    because if it didn't contribute to my success, it was gone.
    I wrote a few long articles on the art of the purchase decades ago, based on winning. it never got published and I share bits and pieces here and at my club during the ftf shoots. (many know this) and yes...I guess you can call me one of those guys who has forgotten more than some know...because...its true.
    many today think theyre smart when all they do is google facts, when in fact, I lived the history and spent money to actually learn it 1st hand long before computers and the net'.
    I got off the ride long time ago and im just coasting downhill now, enjoying and shooting what I deem great guns. and just like when I drive by a diner or a lousy place to eat....I just shake my head and keep going.
    this plays out anytime I go to a public range. I sorta feel sorry for many who are forcing themselves to like something, not knowing what they could really be enjoying a lot more.
    like eating a bad burger. you paid for it, so you put ketchup on it to make it go down better.
    but it never fails, you tell your buddy about it and he swears its the best burger in town.
    if this list helps others avoid costly mistakes, well then...I succeeded.
    if not, just ask...i'll pass the ketchup.
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    duplicate post.
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    I got my wife a S&M380 EZ... I hear lots of good reviews. But cant make it through a mag without a jam. Hoping it's just the rounds I'm feeding it.. Using Blaser brass. It fires the round, just dont eject. Maybe its need more time to break in..
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    first place to start is trying different ammo in the pistol. some pistols can be finicky with ammo choices and types.

    second, if that doesn't work, try different magazines to rule out a magazine issue.

    third, if that doesn't solve the issue, send it in for warranty work.
  12. PeeJay1313

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    Yes Cheif, I concur with your diagnose. But as I stated, the firearm is not broken in yet. As I was trying to explain to fellow forum readers is dont use Blazer brass as a starting point in trying out the 380EZ. It will not give it a good reputation. As far as the magazine go's, I get the same outcome with both supplied magazines. In witch does not rule out a magazine problem at this point, but it does show consistency with the ammo..
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    it doesn't need "breaking in". either it has an ammo issue, or a magazine issue, or the pistol is defective, and needs to be sent in for repairs.

    and don't call me Chief. it's disrespectful as I told you before.
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    As Chief once mentioned, respect is earned. That's is correct.. In response to your post, dallas53 agrees with my response. The 380ez that I have may have an issue, but I believe its the ammo. So in my experience, please test drive the s&m380ez, just dont use Blazer brass.
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    PJ, I have asked you twice now, not to call me Chief because I find it disrespectful, and I won't be asking a third time. you seem intent on ignoring my request for not calling me a name that I find disrespectful. so continued calling me of that name now would be considered trolling or a personal attack. so I will be sending a PM to the Mods of your behavior, and I'm sure they can inform you of the forum's TOS and the rules, as well as "advise" in how we treat other members of this forum.

    one thing we have great pride in, on this forum, is our respect and treatment of other members, regardless of disagreements. I would suggest you learn that, or I suspect your stay here will be a very short one.
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    The disrespect started when you poked at me first. So out of respect to everyone else in this forum, I'm going to ask you a request. "From this point forward, I ask that you dont reply to forums that I have created. In return I will not respond to any of YOUR forums or any other comment that YOU have made in someone else's. From this point forward I wish to have NO communication with you what so ever.." Thank you have a nice life.

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    The biggest disappointment POS were Taurus and Keltec.

    One of my first handguns was a Taurus PT140, probably when they first came out a couple decades ago. POS. Taurus couldn't fix it after two trips to them, when they LIED and said they fixed it. Gun was traded in with full disclosure to a shop for store credit on my first Mauser, which I love and still have.

    I would later reluctantly purchase some more Taurus. One was a PT145 that I only bought after extensive test firing. Thing was fantastic. Later after using it for a jogging gun for years, I would learn that it was recalled, along with 9 models. Yeah, nothing like carrying a gun that put your own life in danger for years. GRRRRRR.

    Taurus as a company - I'll never buy another for anything more than disposable lunch money prices. They were horrible to deal with. I finally did make out well on my two .45s that were recalled, coming out okay after fighting for 2 years with them. I got a pair of 1911s which I immediately traded for a AR15 and a Sig P229 and never looked back.

    Keltec Gen 1 P3AT cured me of pocket pistols. My forerunning into "beta testing" was unpleasant. A handy last ditch deep concealment firearm but horribly inaccurate and miserable to shoot. My first one was a Gen 1 and totally unreliable. To Keltec's credit they made it right by replacing it with a Gen 2. I might have fired it on two or three range outings and it is reliable and accurate enough but miserable to shoot.

    My high quality surprising disappointment was probably as much me and bad luck as the gun. It was the iconic Beretta 92FS, made ultra famous by being our military sidearm for decades and starring in Hollywood blockbusters. I lusted after one since I was probably 15 and it was my first handgun when I was of age. I bought a police trade in. "The gun" wasn't accurate and it was unreliable. Or that's what I believed for the 5 or so years I owned it. I was new to guns. I decided to trade it off.

    Looking back, the problem was probably shooter related and magazine related (I had crummy AWB magazines). Had I had better mags and replaced a few springs, the gun was probably fine. For sentimental reasons, I do regret letting it go. But it's not even a top 10 favorite handgun for me. I never did warm up to the large size and the slide mounted controls. I do miss it though. I did sort-of replace it with a much more desirable 96 in .40 caliber with a pile of magazines for a song... so I do have one in my stable.

    I benefited having owned the 92FS though because in the service I carried the M9 significantly and qualified expert with it.
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    S&Wez 380 using Blazer Brass.. Bought it for my wife. Can't run a single mag without jam.. She gave up on it. Makes me look bad. It was impulse as I gift for my wife as a gift...
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    Sig mosquito .22 only way to consistently hit the target ...was to throw the gun at it.
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    Use a bigger target or stand inside the barn.
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