Gun violence on the front page, knive violence on the back page

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by DarinCraft, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. DarinCraft

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    Whenever violence involves a gun the media comes forth with front page bolded headlines that include statistics, candle light vigils, political statements on how gun laws are inadequate, etc. However when other forms of violence occur there doesn't seem to be the coverage.

    Buried in the "D" section of my local liberal newspaper is two stories about knife violence. Stuck down in the corner and about 200 words each you can read about a man who went on a rampage and killed 4 people with a knife and another about a man who killed his two kids with a knife. And these weren't tactical Cold Steel Tantos used in war far designed to kill babies in their sleep...No these were Kitchen knives.

    Hmmph....wonder when legislation will be inacted to control the purchase of Kitchen utensils?
  2. rjd3282

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    Did you ever notice that no matter what kind of violence they are reporting on TV they always have a pic of gun on the screen?

  3. CA357

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    I am well past disgusted with the media. I have given up any hope of fair reportage whatsoever. The left no longer controls the media, the left IS the media.

    There are only a few meager exceptions in the mass media. Thank goodness for the internet. However, the left has been steadily assaulting it and pushing to regulate it and I expect them to be at least partly successful too.
  4. Car54

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    I was reading about the recent bank robber/hostage taker that was killed by the police. The news article had to be specific and write that the robber was shot and killed by the police using an AR ASSAULT RIFLE.
  5. clip11

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    The government doesn't care if we have knives, as long as they have the guns. It's all part of the brainwashing against guns to make the public think that guns are bad, only bad people and lunatics carry guns, the ordinary person doesn't need a gun, only cops should have guns etc, etc. In the eyes of leftist, you can have as many knives as you want, just no guns.
  6. Trez

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    Dont give 'em more ideas......
  7. freefall

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    In England most knives are illegal too. And carry your Spyderco on a New York subway with the clip showing and see what happens. Heck, the other day I had to go the the Social Security office, I had to go back to my truck and stash my pocketknife and Leatherman. Surprised they let me in with my flashlight.